Warcraft: The Movie but Who should be Who ?

Warcraft: The Movie but Who should be Who ?
Well we dont have any solid information on the Wacraft film that is being created we are not even sure if its about Arthas or before WoW when the Factions really came together.

So i thought it would be good to have a thread soley on Which Actor should play as Whom.

I will start with a actress who i feel would be perfect to play as Sylvanas as i think she will play a big part in what the Horde will have in the Movie as she is involved with Arthas and Joining the Horde pre-WoW.

Her name is Tabrett Bethell and she is very young but eager to play characters of her caliber (She plays Cara in Legend of the Seeker). She gets involved with her characters Lore and backstory and enjoys playing strong women. Plus if Warcraft becomes a huge phenominom it will put her on the map for other Series and Movies which would be great for her.

Now who do you think should play as whom ?

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