Monica Bellucci's Paris apartment burgled as she appears on television at Cannes

Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci (right) wilth co-star at the premiere of Ne Te Retourne Pas in Cannes last week. The Italian actress's apartment was robbed while she was at the festival
Thieves used the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival to break into the Paris apartment of Matrix Reloaded beauty Monica Bellucci, it emerged today.
As the Italian sex symbol and her actor husband Vincent Cassel appeared on TV from the south of France, the burglars got away with more than £80,000 in cash.
Jewellery and computer and video equipment worth at least double that amount were also taken, as well as Miss Bellucci’s passport – something she needed this week to travel to Hollywood.
‘It was clearly a meticulously planned burglary,’ said one of the officers investigating the burglary in Boulevard de Ménilmontant, in the French capital’s 20th arrondissement.
‘The thieves are believed to have struck just as the stars were appearing on television in Cannes on Sunday evening.
‘They entered the fourth floor apartment via a balcony, smashing a window in the process. Then they pretty much cleared the flat out of anything which was valuable and could be removed easily.
‘There have been plenty of cases of the homes of professional footballers being targeted while they are playing in high-profile matches, but this appears to be the first time that the same kind of thing has happened to actors.’
The 45-year-old former model has appeared in numerous films, including Irreversible and The Passion Of The Christ, in which she played Mary Magdalene.
She was in Cannes – where the 62nd festival ended on Sunday - promoting Marina de Van's Don't Turn Around, in which she stars alongside the French former James Bond girl .
Vincent Cassel, 42, was in Ocean’s Twelve but is best known in his native France, where he recently starred in a two-film biopic about the Paris gangster Jacques Mesrine.
The Paris crime is being investigated by the 2nd Division of the Judicial Police.


The Tourist: A very Jolie adventure for Johnny

Have you ever watched an old Hitchcock caper starring Cary Grant and murmured ‘they don’t make them like that any more’? If so, The Tourist is the picture for you.
It’s a glossy, sophisticated, gloriously improbable romp — escapist fun for these austere times.
A shy, unassuming American tourist on a train to Venice (Johnny Depp in the Cary Grant role) is lured by an absurdly glamorous Englishwoman (Angelina Jolie, never more sensually enigmatic) into a devilish web of dangerous intrigue.
Dangerous intrigue: A shy American tourist (Johnny Depp) is lured into a devlish web by glamorous Englishwoman Angelina Jolie in The Tourist
Dangerous intrigue: A shy American tourist (Johnny Depp) is lured into a devlish web by glamorous Englishwoman Angelina Jolie in The Tourist
First, the British police (under a grumpy Timothy Dalton and a fanatical Paul Bettany) and then Russian gangsters (led by a Bond-villainish Steven Berkoff) wrongly identify him as an elusive master-criminal.
He’s also being followed by a dark, handsome, mystery man (Rufus Sewell at his most laconic). Who on earth could that be?
The Tourist has been promoted as an Oscar contender, but it’s nothing of the sort. It is a luxurious trifle with nothing serious to say — a vastly superior version of the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz misfire, Knight And Day.
The good news is that there are twists and chases a-plenty, and it juggles its hoary old clichés with supreme confidence.
A remake of an abstruse 2005 French thriller called Anthony Zimmer (which starred Yvan Attal and ), it’s written with tongues firmly in cheek by the director, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, who gave us the much more critically respectable The Lives Of Others, that consummate professional Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) and Christopher McQuarrie, whose best work this is since The Usual Suspects.


Chic encore!

Since Carla Bruni-Sarkozy swept on to the world stage in Dior, France has been reinstated as global leader of all things cool. From fashion to film, the French are once more the flavour du jour. Lucie Greene takes a look at the crème de la crème

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
Oh la Carla!
Once upon a time France was simply synonymous with style – the language, the ladies, the fashion labels. From Christian Dior to Christian Louboutin, the French have historically done chic brilliantly – if a culture can ooze charm, theirs did.
But in recent years the je ne sais quoi faded and the nation simply lost its va-va-voom. Maybe it was the competition from our 1990s Brit-cool or the ascendancy of all things brash, bling and very un-Français – who knows?
And, quite frankly, in 2009 who cares, because France is back! In the past 12 months it has been reinstated as global leader of all things hot, and the fashion pack can’t get enough of it.
Following behind the kitten heels of First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy, a legion of pretty French actresses and models are now the ones to watch. Forget Nicole Kidman (and that expressionless forehead). Thanks to the wonderfully zeitgeisty film Coco Before Chanel (which will be out here later this month), Audrey Tautou bagged the latest Chanel No 5 ad campaign, while It-actress Clémence Poésy landed the Chloé fragrance contract and Charlotte Gainsbourg scooped best actress for the film Antichrist on home turf at Cannes.
Meanwhile, Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard and her handsome boyfriend Guillaume Canet have established themselves as worthy rivals to Brad and Angelina for the title of Hollywood’s most gorgeous couple.
What’s more, the French fashion houses were once again behind the most fêted collections on the 2009 catwalk. Lacroix, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga all enjoyed critical adulation, while hot label Balmain with its iconic pointy-shoulder jackets is being paraded by every celebrity from Victoria Beckham to Kate Moss.
On the British high street, French boutique labels Charles Anastase, Maje, Isabel Marant and Zadig & Voltaire are lining the rails at department stores, and French chains such as Comptoir des Cotonniers are expanding rapidly.
The London and New York party scenes are throbbing with hip Parisians. No guest list is complete without the likes of Julia and Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld (children of Carine Roitfeld, editor of French Vogue, who is rumoured to be next in line for Anna Wintour’s job in New York) and Lou Doillon (daughter of style icon Jane Birkin).
Perhaps the reason we are so drawn to French talent just now is that it is more interesting, more mysterious and more of the moment than identikit Hollywood. The mood du jour favours dignity, class and character. And no one does that better than the French.

The film-star femmes
Audrey Tautou
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Sophie Marceau
From left: Audrey Tautou, Charlotte Gainsbourg,
Marion Cotillard
Cecile Cassel

From left: Marion Cotillard, Cécile Cassel

Clemence Poesy
Melanie Laurent
From left: Clémence Poésy, Mélanie Laurent

The fashion filles

Lou Doillon
Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld
From left: Lou Doillon, Carine Roitfeld and daughter Julia

Mode in heaven

Christian Lacroix
Louis Vuitton
From left: Christian Lacroix, Louis Vuitton, Balmain

Female Agents: Girl power, World War II-style

The title may not be hugely inspired, but you must give Female Agents credit for doing precisely what it says on the tin  -  the tin being designed in the middle of the 20th century and containing Gauloises cigarettes.
In 1944, five French women are recruited by the SOE, an intelligence service overseen by Winston Churchill, to rescue a British agent.
These are, in ascending order of grit and resourcefulness, Gaelle (Deborah Francois), Suze (Marie Gillain), Maria (Maya Sansa), Jeanne (Julie Depardieu) and Louise ().
Gritty and intelligent: a French Charlie's Angels
Gritty and intelligent: a French Charlie's Angels

What follows is a sort of taut, intellectual version of Charlie's Angels with added torture, as each woman shows amazing courage in thwarting the efforts of Colonel Heindrich, the head of Nazi counter-intelligence, to find out crucial information regarding the upcoming landings on the Normandy beaches.



It's based on a true story and, while you can't help feeling that the original characters would not have been quite as unusually attractive as the women playing them, you can't help admire the authenticity of the period detail and the urgent, slush-free narrative which captures the live-for-the-moment aspect of the character's lives.
The sole sour note comes from the English officers, who seem to hail from an entirely fictional British Isles, only ever seen on screens and not since at least 1975.
Verdict: An urgent, gratifying unsentimental portrait of life during wartime

Dressed to thrill: As new Bond girl Gemma Arterton creates a stir on the red carpet, how does she compare to previous 007 beauties..

Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton at the Quantum of Solace premiere this week
I love Gemma Arterton, the latest Bond girl. Not only is she a talented actress, but she is also a stunning beauty.
However, poor Gemma got it hopelessly wrong on the red carpet on Wednesday night at the Quantum of Solace premiere.
She chose a bizarre purple mini-dress by Miu Miu which was slashed to the thigh but trailed at the back.
She accessorised her outfit with an ugly studded belt and matching clumpy shoes, both of which were far too heavy for the flimsy fabric of her dress.
The 22-year-old from Kent was wise to avoid a long, demure dress as she would have looked like lamb dressed as mutton.
Sadly, she went too far in the opposite direction and chose a dress that was fussy, tarty and did her curvy figure no favours at all.
Of course, she is still young and entitled to make fashion faux pas, but she would do well to learn the golden rule of red carpet fashion: expose only one erogenous zone at a time.
So, how does Gemma's style compare to other Bond girls on their premiere night?

Goldfinger 1964

Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore)
Honor Blackman
Now, this is how to do Bond girl: be totally of your time.

Honor Blackman epitomises the mid-Sixties in gold trousers worn under a cutaway pink gown.
I love her hair, too, and the fact that she looks as though she is having fun rather than trying to look sexy.

Thunderball 1965

Claudine Auger (Domino)
Claudine Auger

This is what it's all about: a bit of cleavage, a classic, figure-hugging gown, a sleek updo and a look in the eye that speaks of mystery.

Claudine Auger, a former Miss France Monde, whose thick accent was dubbed for the film, was compared at the time to Elizabeth Taylor.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969

Diana Rigg (Tracy)
Diana Rigg

I love the fact Diana Rigg was paid twice as much as George Lazenby was for playing Bond, but I hate her little-girl dress, a look copied recently by Sienna Miller and Burberry for her red carpet moment.

It looks terribly dated.

Live And Let Die 1973

Jane Seymour (Solitaire)
Jane Seymour
So this is where Tamara Mellon, boss of Jimmy Choo and Halston, gets her fashion ideas from.
Jane's kaftan was a little shapeless and all-concealing for a Bond girl, but as a Seventies fashion plate, complete with centre-parted hair, she was spot on.

The Man With The Golden Gun 1974

Britt Ekland (Mary Goodnight)
Britt Ekland
Britt Ekland wears a 1920s-inspired black sequin dress that was later worn by Kate Moss on her 30th birthday, proving that true style never goes out of fashion.

The Spy Who Loved Me 1977

Barbara Bach (Anya)
Barbara Bach
Barbara Bach, a beautiful and statesque former model from New York, wore a floor-length sheer kaftan over a long black dress that was very Seventies, but not particularly sexy of flattering, hiding her lovely figure.

Octopussy 1983

Maud Adams (Octopussy)
Maud Adams
A great beauty, but she makes the common mistake of overdoing it on the red carpet.
Her hair is curled rather than sleek, and the dress reveals too much and is fussy.

A View To A Kill 1985

Grace Jones (May Day)
Grace Jones

Here, Grace wears a hooded yellow bodysuit by her favourite designer, Issey Miyake.
She doesn't look like the sort of woman whom Bond would ever lust after, but she does look amazing, and totally Eighties.

The Living Daylights 1987

Maryam D'Abo (Kara Milovy)
Maryam D'Abo
Maryam was, to my mind, the most beautiful of all the Bond girls: she oozed intelligence from every tiny pore.
I rang her to see if she remembered what she wore for her premiere and, without missing a beat, she said: 'Olive green Emanuel Ungaro, which was so tight at the hem I could hardly walk.'

Licence To Kill 1989

Single-mother minister Rachida Dati voted greatest French woman while Italian Carla Bruni comes in eighth

 The French have voted justice minister Rachida Dati as the best  representative of Gallic womanhood in the world today, a fascinating new poll reveals.
The 43-year-old single mother, who rose from a troubled immigrant background to  high office, follows in a long list of internationally famous female icons including Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.
Just as intriguingly, French First Lady Carla Bruni only makes eighth place on the list.
Rachida Dati
Carla bruni
Rachida Dati (left) was voted greatest living French woman while Carla Bruni made eighth place - despite being Italian
Most are only too well aware that Miss Bruni was born in Italy, and only  received a French passport last year following a whirlwind marriage to  President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Miss Dati, by contrast, is praised in the survey for traditional French female attributes including style, beauty and sexiness - but also for independence,  dynamism and ‘inner steel’ in her professional life.
She received 26 per cent of votes in the poll of more than 3,500 French people. Miss Bruni received 16 per cent. 
Born in Saint-Rémy, near Lyon, in the Bourgogne region of northern France, Miss Dati is viewed as an inspiring example to thousands of modern women from ethnic  minorities.
 Sophie Marceau
Rama Yade
Actress (left) and politician Rama Yade also made the list
Miss Dati’s parents were an illiterate Moroccan bricklayer and Algerian cleaner, and she left school at 16.
Yet through sheer perseverance she finally earned a place in the French government, before being forced out last month.
Miss Dati, who had just given birth to her first child, broke down and cried  when told the news, but has pledged to fight on in her career - endearing her  to many of her fellow countrymen.  She will now stand for the European Parliament in June.
In a further reflection of the changing nature of modern France, most of the  women in the top ten of ‘Most Representative Modern Women’ are single mothers or divorcees with hugely complicated private lives.
 Ingrid Betancourt
Segolene Royal
Ingrid Betancourt, left, came in at fifth position while politician Segolene Royal came in at seventh
There is only one woman in the top ten under 40 - human rights minister Rama Yade, 31.
Miss Bruni, who received 16 per cent of votes, spent much of her adult life  bringing up a son alone while juggling a long list of famous lovers including  Mick Jagger, before she became President Sarkozy’s third wife a year ago. 
Commenting on Miss Dati’s place in the new poll, French feminist historian Florence Montreynaud said: ‘Rachida Dati is certainly independent, dynamic,  determined, and careerist.’
The new poll, published in the Reader’s Digest Selection magazine followed a survey of 3, 755 people between January 14 and 16 carried out by Global Net.
1.Rachida Dati, 43, Justice Minister 
2. 42,  actress 
3. Claire Chazal , 52, TV journalist 
4. Simone Veil, 81, veteran politician 
5. Ingrid Betancourt, 47, anti-corruption campaigner and former hostage
6. Rama Yade, 31, Human Rights Minister 
7. Segolene Royal, 56, former presidential candidate 
8. Carla Bruni , 41, French First Lady and pop singer 
9. Laurence Ferrari , 43, TV presenter
10.Valérie Lemercier, 44- actress


Sophie Marceau I love You




Sophie Marceau My Eternal Love

sophie marceau 1920 1200 aug012009 500x315 Sophie Marceau
Sophie Marceau  - 1920x1200
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is honored by French men as “forever love”. She has a pair of clean and gloomy eyes, and when smiling, she seems like a teenage girl, although she has been the mother of her son and daughter. If Angelina Jolie makes you feel she is so strong that people beside her become relatively a little weak, then Sophie Marceau will give you no pressure in the life except the identity as the super star.

Sophie Marceau Looks Awesome