Oxygen Analyzer- The Most Vital Element to Human Health

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XGF-404 CEMS smoke emission process analysis system

XGF-404 CEMS smoke emission process analysis system.jpg
XGF-404 series CEMS smoke emission process analysis system is in accordance with national environmental requirements for power plant boilers or similar conditions in the flue gas continuous emission of gaseous substances, dust , flow rate, pressure and other parameters for continuous detection of multi-functional system for environmental protection department smoke emissions achieve effective control of the quantization . The core of the system is usually by the following relatively independent parts. Flue gas composition (SO2, NOx, CO, O2 , etc. ) continuous monitoring system , the dust concentration detection systems , flue gas flow and pressure monitoring systems, data acquisition and processing system (DAS), other additional measurement parameters.

Oxygen is the most vital element for the human body. So why is it then, the one element of our health that we all take for granted. The answer is simple- while we are breathing one breath after another, we just presume that we are getting enough of it! The truth is though, that this is not the case. 200 years ago the quality of the air was much higher with an oxygen quantity of 30%. Today though, as a result of global pollution and the depletion of our natural resources the air only contains 19% oxygen and in some cities as low as 10% oxygen.
Oxygen in the blood stream nourishes the body's cells, creates energy and helps break down waste products and toxins. It creates immune system defense and it regulates the body's pH balance. Oxygen plays a crucial role in the fight against disease. It has been proven that diseases such as Cancerthrive in an acid pH, so it is imperative that we oxygenate our bodies and maintain an Alkaline pH if we wish to maintain our health and wellness.
Oxygen in the body is necessary for all vital functions and the elimination of waste products. Oxygen gives our bodies the fighting power to resist pathogens, bacteria and viruses.
It is a proven fact that oxygen deficiency eventually leads to disease or illness of some form. "Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life threatening disease" as quoted by Dr W Spencer Way- who wrote in the Journal of the American Association of Physicians.
There are many factors that cause Oxygen Deficiency. Some of these are : Overcooking our food which kills the enzymes, Breathing carbon monoxide fumes which strips oxygen from the blood, Eating processed foods that have little or no oxygen content and are full of chemicals, Drinking tap water with chemical additives such as flouride, De-forestation, Alcohol and Lack of exercise.
It is a proven fact that diseases such as cancer and AIDS, herpes and hepatitis, cannot tolerate high oxygen cells in the blood stream. This alone is reason enough to make a conscious effort to ensure you are oxygenating the blood. If you feel that factors of your environment could be depleting the oxygen supply to your bloodstream, be sure to take a daily oxygen supplement to help counteract these factors.
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Industrial Accessories Company Provides Compliment of Air Pollution Control Equipment to Newest U.S. Cement Plant

Drake Cement, LLC in Drake , Arizona , USA , is the Southwest's newest cement company, with full-scale operations underway. Located at the site of an old rail town in northwestern Arizona , Drake is 115 miles north of the city of Phoenix , Arizona , and 220 miles southwest of Las Vegas , Nevada . The Drake Cement facility is the first of its kind to be built in the state in over 50 years.

About Drake Cement

Drake Cement focuses exclusively on the production of Type II/V (LA) Portland cement, conforming to the physical and chemical requirements of ASTM C-150 for Types I, II, and V, low alkali cements, as well as ASTM C 1157 for Types GU, MS, and HS cements.
The plant includes a state-of-the-art, six stage precalciner/preheater kiln with a rated capacity of 660,000 tons of clinker per year or 2,000 tons per day. Medium to high volatile western coal is used as a primary fuel and gas for kiln start up. Most of the raw materials will be obtained from an adjoining quarry and the remainder will be imported, primarily from Arizona .
Several operating and pollution controls incorporated into the plant are so advanced that they are found in only a few other facilities throughout the world.
The Drake Cement kiln/raw mill system must conform to very stringent emission limits. To achieve the very strict NOx emission limit, the kiln line includes a low NOx burner, a six stage preheater with low fuel consumption and a low NOx calciner working in combination with the Selective Non Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) system for NOx reduction. Low sulfur coal and raw material is used in addition to the gas scrubbing effect of the raw mill to satisfy the SO2 threshold
Drake Cement and their project manager, ARPL Tecnologia Industrial S.A., awarded Industrial Accessories Company (IAC), Mission , Kansas , USA , the order for the baghouses for the project. Subsequently, IAC was also awarded the supply of the air-to-air heat exchanger, stacks, access stair towers, and structural support steel for the dust collection equipment.

About Industrial Accessories Company

IAC is an industrial design/build and original equipment manufacturer of baghouses, flue gas desulfurization, heavy metal mitigating sorbent injection systems, dry bulk materials handling, and pneumatic conveying systems.
IAC also provides replacement and new components for baghouses and bulk material handling systems as well as complete engineered systems for their customers.
IAC Provides 34 Baghouses, an Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger, Stacks and Custom Steel Fabrication to Drake Cement
IAC provided three process filters for the plant. An IAC M-Pulse long bag filter controlled emissions from the raw mill and kiln. Another controlled emissions from the clinker cooler after first being cooled via an IAC provided air-to-air heat exchanger. The coal grinding system was provided with a filter designed to withstand high internal pressures.
IAC supplied 31 nuisance and dust handling filters for the Drake project. These included four at the primary crusher and the three overland conveyors stretching 3500 ft. from the quarry to the plant. Three more were provided at the limestone covered storage and conveyor transfers to the raw material silos. Six more were installed to control dust from rail and truck receiving and during transport to storage as well as to raw material grinding. Three more were provided atop the blending silo, feed to the preheater and atop the preheater tower. Five provided dust control for clinker transport and two for transport of coal to coal grinding. Seven provided dust control for cement grinding, the cement silo filling and for loadout allowing two trucks and one railcar to be loaded simultaneously.
IAC also provided four de-dusting cyclones for primary collection from the raw meal grinding. During the course of the project, IAC provided over 1000 tons of steel in the form of stacks, access stair towers, and structural supports for the filters, cyclones, ductwork and stacks.

Raw Mill / Kiln Baghouse

A raw meal grinding system with an output of 164 ton/hr utilizes the hot gases from the six stage preheater of the kiln.
IAC provided a six module CEMS for this service. The M-Pulse filter has a penthouse enclosure providing weather protection and an electric overhead hoist to aid in lifting the insulated clean air plenum doors to access bags during maintenance. Its long bag design (7 meter) reduced the equipment footprint and capital investment for Drake. The baghouse contains PTFE coated fiberglass filter media for the 250oC service.
Steep pyramidal hopper design for each module aids material flow and simplifies material collection. Low 50 psi pressure pulse cleaning provides gentle bag cleaning action promoting longer bag life. Unique inlet gas baffle plate design aids in particle collection before filter media is encountered and in gas flow distribution in each module.

Clinker Cooler Baghouse

A clinker cooler with air beam technology is employed for the 2000 ton/day production rate. IAC provided a four module M-Pulse baghouse here with 6 meter PTFE coated Nomex bags for the 200 oC service.
IAC provided the baghouse's steel supporting framework and stack for this filter.

Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger

The gases leaving the cooler, traveling to the clinker cooler baghouse first pass through anair-to-air heat exchanger provided by IAC.
The Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger reduces the temperature of the clinker cooler gas venting to the dust collection system, thereby lowering the gas volume to be handled and baghouse fan horsepower requirements.
During upsets, the air-to-air heat exchanger aids to protect the downstream equipment so that it stays within design temperature limits.
The dust that drops out of the gas stream passing through the air-to-air heat exchanger is collected in a bottom hopper and transported out by a screw conveyor. At the discharge of the screw conveyor, a rotary valve minimizes false air intake before passing the dust to the subsequent conveying system.

Coal Mill Baghouse

Coal is pulverized by a vertical mill with a capacity of 14 tons per hour. The mill includes an IAC pulse-jet filter equipped with explosion relief panels. The baghouse is a "walk-in" plenum design reinforced and insulated.

Nuisance Dust Collection Baghouses

IAC provided a total of 31 dust handling and nuisance dust filters on the project. Each had 8 ft. long bags. All were designed with 70 degree hoppers and were factory insulated to promote discharge of material, avoiding condensation effects due to dramatic shifts in the nighttime and daytime desert temperatures.

Stacks and Custom Steel Fabrication

IAC supplied both the raw mill/kiln exhaust stack and the clinker cooler baghouse exhaust stack. Both were equipped with multiple access levels to allow ease of maintenance of the continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and for safety during stack testing. The two stacks were 2 meters in diameter and 65 meters tall.
During the course of the project, IAC provided over 1000 tons of steel in the form of stacks, access stair towers, and structural supports for the filters, cyclones, ductwork and stacks. All of the nuisance and dust control baghouses were shipped from the factory pre-piped, prewired and insulated. Process baghouses were field insulated, plumbed and wired under IAC supervision.

Drake Cement's Environmental Citizenship

With their state-of-the-art cement plant near Paulden , Arizona , and their vertically integrated ready mix position in Arizona and southern Nevada , Drake Cement is positioned to provide a wide variety of solutions to the cement and concrete industries. IAC is proud to have provided air pollution control equipment to satisfy Drake's environmental responsibility and commitment to being a good neighbor and corporate citizen.

Integrating Biomass Drying to Produce Alternative Fuel and Raw Material (AFR) Sources for Cement Production Facilities

There are signs that in the future there will be a need for most of the cement clinker production in North America, indeed throughout the world, to generate a portion of their output from renewable sources, of which biomass is a key component. This will allow plants to work towards CO2 neutrality and the establishment of a "greener" footprint.
Potential biomass sources include wood waste, construction & demolition (C&D) wastes, and some carbon rich industrial and agricultural byproducts or waste streams which contain significant moisture such as pulp and paper mill sludges.
Several cement producers have expressed an interest in securing local renewable sources of biomass for their AFR and have requested IAC's assistance in providing design services and equipment to meet these needs.
Industrial Accessories Company is helping cement manufacturers to identify ways in which a biomass drying system can be integrated into their plants to utilize the wasted energy from their processes, specifically their preheaters. IAC is able to incorporate its airto- air heat exchanger technology if required to utilize preheater waste heat while limiting corrosion and erosion from these gases in its biomass drying systems.

IAC Offers Assistance to Cement Producers

For cement producers wishing to install new, retrofit or upgrades to existing air pollution control equipment, sorbent injection or material handling systems, or are interested in determining if biomass, particularly wet biomass, can become one of their alternative fuels and raw materials - IAC is ready to assist. Continuous Emission Monitoring System wikipedia or our site.

Compressed Air Dryer Manufacturers for Assuring Optimal Air Quality

As industries grew and expanded all over, these brought many new problems. Among them the problem of air pollution is very grave. Air being an important utility, after water and electricity, is consistently explored for power. In compressed form, this becomes the most safest and economical source of energy.
The power derived from compressed air is utilized for many things. It is found highly useful for remote areas without any power grids and that are under high fire risks or electrical hazards. It is used for operating a variety of pneumatics tools and control systems. Compressed Air Dryer Manufacturers provide a wide range of dryers with latest air treatment technology. This innovative is range widely appreciated for its precision design and technology. Hence it finds extensive usage in numerous industry and domestic.
It is primarily offered in four types that include Refrigerated, Deliquescent, Desiccant and Membrane dryers. Refrigerated types are specially designed for installations where temperature of the pipeline does not go below 35°F. While the deliquescent range is typically a pressure vessel filled with a hygroscopic desiccant. Its performance varies according to the inlet air temperature. The perfect design of the product can be used for both outdoor as well as indoor air line. Another known range of Desiccant dryers are used for obtaining clean, dry volume in pneumatic systems or storage tanks. And the last but not least, Membrane type is used as dehumidification membranes in many pneumatics systems.
The environmental design of the products perfectly balances our Eco-system. These products are made with carefully chosen components and cutting edge technology as per Industry norms for quality air supply into the systems. The entire product design is appreciated for its unique air treatment features. These are highly efficient in removing oil, dust and water particles from compressed atmospheric air.
This way these are capable of meeting any air treatment requirement in the dynamic and competitive infrastructure market. These are made to enhance system performance offering corrosion free operation. As such, industries get low maintenance and energy efficient mechanisms for quality air supply in to the systems. Indeed, these products have revolutionized air filtration technology worldwide.
Globe-instruments.com offer competent and cost-effective products in industry specific standards that perfectly suit the needs of customers everywhere. Clients can obtain these products either from the market as well as online. Many supply companies provide wider selection at economic prices for customers online. These fully tested products operate well even at extreme temperatures and pressure. Due to these reasons, these equipments are manufactured in bulk quantity for critical laboratory as well as industrial based applications such as pneumatic automation, nitrogen replacement, infrared spectroscopy, lasers, continuous emissions monitoring and many more.

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Use an Environmental consultancy for effective water monitoring solutions
A professional Environmental consultancy is vastly experienced in this specialist area and they regularly undertake projects that require trade effluent monitoring, flow and load surveys or water quality services.  Individual projects are undertaken by an Environmental consultancy on behalf of their clients, whatever they might entail. They could require remote monitoring solutions or need equipment installing to effectively monitor the flows of water in rivers, streams or other channels.
Whenever there's a need for effective environmental monitoring the Environmental consultancy delivers a steadfast service whatever the aquatic requirement might be. They offer specialized installation of the latest equipment used for environmental monitoring purposes.
Need effective trade effluent monitoring?
Contact the Environmental consultancy who will design, install and commission an appropriate system for your particular site.  They have undertaken numerous projects in the past and worked with countless clients that have relied upon the trade effluent systems supplied and fitted by the experienced Environmental consultancy.
A professional Environmental consultancy uses reliable equipment that can withstand operating within the harshest environments.  It has to be reliable to deliver proven results and the Environmental consultancy only uses the latest, durable equipment.
All types of trade effluent monitoring are undertaken by an Environmental consultancy who works with a variety of large organizations. From bakers to power stations, pork pie manufacturers to drinks distributors, there's a long list of clients that rely on the services of an Environmental consultancy.
What other services does an Environmental consultancy provide?
As well as water monitoring solutions the Environmental consultancy also offers an air monitoring solution to their clients.  This could be as part of long-term contracts for clients whether they required continuous emissions monitoring or dust air surveys, whether they're temporary or permanent site installations.
Noise and vibration is another key area that the Environmental consultancy works within, they provide services for customers that include the monitoring of noise of vibration where it could be a problem to the surrounding area.
If you require air monitoring services contact an Environmental consultancy who'll deliver the appropriate solution to your individual needs. Buy Continuous Emission Monitoring System at Globe-instruments.com


ONH analyzer from Xi'an Yima Opto-electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

The market report, titled ONH Analyzers Market 2016, is an analytical research done by QY Market Research study based on the ONH Analyzers market, which analyzes the competitive framework of the ONH Analyzers industry worldwide. This report “Worldwide ONH Analyzers Market 2016” build by the usage of efficient methodical tools such SWOT analysis, the ONH Analyzers industrial 2016 study offers a comprehensive evaluation worldwide ONH Analyzers market.Global ONH Analyzers Market
Global ONH Analyzers Market 2016 report has Forecasted Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in % value for particular period, that will help user to take decision based on futuristic chart. Report also includes key players in global ONH Analyzers market.
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The ONH Analyzers market size is estimated in terms of revenue (US$) and production volume in this report. Whereas the ONH Analyzers market key segments and the geographical distribution across the globe is also deeply analyzed. Various ONH Analyzers market dynamics such as growth drivers, restrictions, and the future prospects of each segment have been discussed in detail. Based on that, the ONH Analyzers market report determines the future status of the market globally.
This report covers every aspect of the global market for ONH Analyzers , starting from the basic market information and advancing further to various significant criteria, based on which, the ONH Analyzers market is segmented. Key application areas of ONH Analyzers are also assessed on the basis of their performance.
The ONH Analyzers industrial chain, existing policies,and rules and regulations are studied in this ONH Analyzers Market report. Key manufacturers, their manufacturing chain, products, ONH Analyzers market price structures as well as the revenue.
The report also evaluates the production capacity, dynamics of demand and supply, logistics, and the historical performance of the ONH Analyzers market worldwide.
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About ONH Analyzer Industry

Questa review si propone di descrivere le differenti tecnologie attualmente disponibili nella pratica clinica, per l’imaging del disco ottico e dello strato delle fibre nervose retiniche (RNFL).
L’importanza dei cambiamenti morfologici del disco ottico nella diagnosi e nel management del glaucoma è ben conosciuta. I metodi convenzionali di esame includono l’osservazione dellla papilla ottica e l’analisi soggettiva di una stereofoto da parte di un oftalmologo esperto. Recentemente sono stati introdotti nuovi metodi di valutazione del disco ottico: Confocal laser ophthalmoscopy (CSLO), Scanning laser polarimetry (SLP) e Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). Individuando i punti di forza ed i limiti di queste tecnologie, è possibile valutare meglio il loro uso nella pratica clinica.


Il glaucoma è una patologia  caratterizzata da aumento della pressione oculare che determina, se non curato,la progressiva  sofferenza e morte delle cellule gangliari della retina.
La diagnosi di glaucoma e la progressione della malattia si basano sull’ identificazione delle  anomalie e dei cambiamenti della testa del nervo ottico e dello strato delle fibre nervose retiniche (RNFL). Tali cambiamenti strutturali  precedeno le variazioni che possono essere rilevate all’esame del campo visivo.
Sebbene l’esame clinico del disco ottico sia indispensabile per la diagnosi del glaucoma, l’imaging della testa del nervo ottico e delle RNFL è raccomandato per una documentazione oggettiva del danno glaucomatoso.
Una varietà di nuove tecniche come l’HRT, il GDx e l’OCT sono stati creati e sviluppati per la valutazione del nervo ottico e dell’ RNFL.
Queste tecnologie di imaging forniscono misurazioni oggettive che sono altamente riproducibili e mostrano un grande accordo con le valutazioni cliniche.
Tuttavia poiché l’ affidabilità diagnostica di queste tecniche di imaging non è sufficientemente alta, la valutazione del disco ottico tramite stereofoto da parte di personale esperto, rimane ancor oggi il gold standard per la diagnosi di glaucoma.
Nonostante ciò lo scopo di questo articolo è di valutare il ruolo delle tecniche di imaging nella diagnosi di glaucoma.


Il GDx (GDx Nerve Fiber Analyzer; Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc., Dublin, USA), è utile per quantificare lo spessore delle fibre nervose retiniche peripapillari, il cui assottigliamento è dovuto alla perdita di cellule ganglionari retiniche e dei loro assoni. Il principio del GDx è basato sulla misurazione di un ritardo di fase nel backscattering della luce che passa attraverso un’area birifrangente di RNFL. Sebbene il ritardo sia considerato proporzionale allo spessore dell’RNFL, si possono avere artefatti da parte di altri tessuti oculari, in particolare della cornea, che interferiscono con una valutazione accurata dello spessore. Al fine di ridurre gli artefatti e per una migliore compensazione della birifrangenza corneale,  è stato sviluppato il GDx with variable corneal compensation (GDx VCC), che ha una migliore abilità diagnostica rispetto al GDx with fixed corneal compensation (GDx FCC).  Nonostante ciò si possono verificare interferenze con altre strutture sub retiniche e l’immagine prodotta dale GDx VCC può mostrare un atipico ritardo di pattern. Il nuovo Enhanced Corneal Compensation (GDx ECC) è stato recentemente introdotto per migliorare il signal-to-noise  ed eliminare gli artefatti associati ad ARP. Confrontato con il GDx VCC, il GDx ECC ha dimostrato una più alta accuratezza diagnostica ed una migliore relationship struttura-funzione.
Un recente articolo di Medeiros, Vizzeri et al. Ha dimostrato che l’imaging dello strato delle fibre nervose retiniche mediante GDx VCC è superiore alla valutazione topografica del disco ottico mediante HRT nel rilevamento del danno precoce in pazienti con glaucoma sospetto. SLP-VCC e CSLO mostrano una simile relationship con la Perimetria Automatica Standard (SAP).


CSLO è una tecnica usata per  fornire una mappa topografica della superficie retinica e, in particolare, della testa del nervo ottico (ONH), oltre a dare una stima dello spessore dell’RNFL attorno alla testa del nervo ottico. L’ultimo CSLO è l’HRT 3 (Heidelberg Engineering). In breve, un’immagine topografica tridimensionale è costruita a partire da piani assiali multifocali attorno alla papilla ottica. Una media di tre scansioni consecutive è ottenuta per formare una singola immagine per l’analisi. Un esaminatore esperto deve tracciare i margini del disco ottico sull’immagine topografica ottenuta. Una volta ottenuta la countur line, il software calcola automaticamente tutte le misure del disco ottico.
Il Moorfields regression analysis (MRA) è stato sviluppato per migliorare l’accuratezza diagnostica dell’HRT 2. Questo algoritmo stima la rima neuroretitica globale ed in 6 settori e li compara con un database normale.
L’HRT 3 software utilizza un’analisi automatica per la valutazione del danno glaucomatoso, il glaucoma probabilità score (GPS), traccia una contour line del margine del disco ottico indipendente dall’operatore. E’ basato su modelli tridimensionali di immagini topografiche complete, che includono il disco ottico e le RNFL.
L’analisi del cup disc comprende tre misure: la dimensione, la profondità e la rima.
I parametri che vengono analizzati per le RNFL sono il raggio di curvatura verticale e orizzontale.
Un recente studio di Rao Hl, Babu GJ dimostra che la capacità diagnostica dell’HRT2 MRA è simile all’HRT 3 MRA; il GPS è più sensibile ma meno specifico del MRA nella diagnostica del glaucoma.


L’ OCT è una tecnica di imaging non invasiva utilizzata negli ultimi anni.
Viene sfrutta il principio dell’interferometria dell’alta frequenza e echi bassi, per valutare lo spessore
del tessuto.
L’OCT time domain con lo STRATUS OCT di terza generazione (Carl Zeiss Meditech) è stato il primo ad essere utilizzato per la diagnosi e ricerca del glaucoma.
La tecnologia di Fourier -domain recentemente sviluppata (conosciuta come Spectral-domain OCT) esegue 40.000 scan al secondo con una risoluzione di 3-6 ùm rispetto all’OCT time-domain che ha una risoluzione di 10-15 ùm. Questa tecnologia ha un esecuzione più semplice , ha una migliore abilità diagnostica nel rilevamento dei danni precoci causati dal glaucoma rispetto al time-domain OCT.
L’OCT può essere utilizzato per lo studio della testa del nervo ottico, dello strato delle fibre nervose retiniche peripapillari e della regione maculare.


L’uso delle tecniche di imaging è diventato di uso routinario nella pratica clinica mondiale.
L’HRT, IL Gdx, L’OCT forniscono misure quantitative ed oggettive che sono altamente riproducibili.
Molti studi sono stati pubblicati riguardo l’alta riproducibilità di queste tecniche e del loro accordo con le valutazioni cliniche.
Le tecniche di imaging permettono al clinico di valutare oggettivamente lo strato delle fibre nervose retiniche peripapillari che, a differenza del disco ottico, non possono essere visualizzate e misurate facilmente. Si è dimostrato che la variazione dello spessore delle fibre nervose retiniche peripapillari avviene precocemente in corso di glaucoma.
Inoltre le tecniche di imaging forniscono un utile mezzo per quantificare le dimensioni del disco ottico. Gli occhi affetti da ipertensione oculare che presentano anormalità all’HRT e uno spessore ridotto del RNFL misurato con l’OCT e il GDx presentano un rischio aumentato di sviluppare un glaucoma ad angolo aperto (POAG). Si rileva comunque che l’evoluzione delle tecnologie di imaging hanno un effetto negativo sugli studi longitudinali che cercano di dimostrare l’utilità dell’uso di queste tecniche per la rilevazione della progressione del glaucoma.
A tutt’oggi ci sono evidenze che le tecniche di imaging possano assistere il medico nella valutazione della progressione del glaucoma.
L’imaging può anche produrre una falsa identificazione della diagnosi del glaucoma e della sua progressione. La qualità delle immagini può essere influenzata dalla opacità dei mezzi diottrici, dal movimento oculare, dal diametro della pupilla, dalla miopia e dalle variabili dipendenti dall strumento.
Perciò le informazioni ottenute dagli strumenti d’imaging dovrebbero essere considerate complementari alla altre valutazioni cliniche . Quindi la diagnosi di glaucoma non può essere assolutamente basata sull’esclusivo uso di queste tecniche.


Un OCT di nuova generazione è l’OCT Swept-Source, che può migliorare la velocità di acquisizione delle immagini e la sensibilità. Un’altra tecnologia che inizia a suscitare interesse è l’OCT Polarization-Sensitive che ha dimostrato di fornire uno più specifico contrasto tessutale.


Premesso che lo studio del disco ottico tramite le stereofotografie rimane il gold standard per la valutazione del danno strutturale provocato dal glaucoma, le moderne tecnologie di imaging forniscono un contributo significativo nella diagnosi e nel follow up del galucoma.

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Dq001 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer

Dq001 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer

Dq001 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer Instrument Introduction:
the production of hydrogen nitrogen oxygen analyzer, it is a leading level of high technology of oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer. It has two independent high oxygen was detected in the infrared detection and low oxygen pool, a detection of nitrogen and hydrogen dual range of thermal conductivity pool. Pulse furnace adopts the circulating water cooling, the sample in the high power pulse in the graphite crucible furnace heating can reach above 3000 ℃ high temperature, Has a high sensitivity, good performance, measurement range and analysis results are accurate and reliable. ONH - 3000 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer is a rapid and accurate determination of solid inorganic materials in the content of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and specially designed and manufactured, in the process of analysis can automatically switch from low to high range. via

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Global ONH Analyzer marketanalyzed the world’s main region market size

Global ONH Analyzer Market 2016 Industry Research, Trends, Share, Analysis & Forecast 2021
The market study report covers every aspect of the global ONH Analyzer market, starting from the basic market information and advancing further to various significant criteria, based on which, the market is segmented. Global ONH Analyzer marketanalyzed the world’s main region market size, share, trends, conditions, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilisation, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc. Key application areas of ONH Analyzer are also assessed on the basis of their performance.
The Global ONH Analyzer Market report has Forecasted Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in % value for particular period, that will help user to take decision based on futuristic chart. Report also includes key players in global ONH Analyzer market. The ONH Analyzer market size is estimated in terms of revenue (US$) and production volume in this report.
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The competitive framework of the ONH Analyzer market in terms of the global ONH Analyzer industry has been evaluated in the report. The top companies and their overall share and share with respect to the global market have been included in the report. Furthermore, the factors on which the companies compete in the market have been evaluated in the report.
The ONH Analyzer report gives a detailed overview of the key segments in the market. The quickest and slowest growing market segments ar coated during this report. This research report covers the growth prospects of the global market based on end-users. It outlines the market shares of key regions in top ten countries, it also includes analysis of the leading vendors in this market.
Dq001 oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer : http://www.globe-instruments.com/605-ONH-3000-oxygen-nitrogen-hydrogen-analyzer.html
This report also presents product specification, manufacturing process, and product cost structure etc. Production is separated by regions, technology and applications. Analysis also covers upstream raw materials, equipment, downstream client survey, marketing channels, industry development trend and proposals. In the end, the report includes ONH Analyzer new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, investment return analysis, and development trend analysis. In conclusion, it is a deep research report on global ONH Analyzer industry.
Major Points in Table of Content
Chapter One Industry Overview
1.1 Definition and Specifications of ONH Analyzer
1.2 Classification of ONH Analyzer
1.3 Applications of ONH Analyzer
1.4 Industry Chain Structure of ONH Analyzer
1.5 Industry Overview and Major Regions Status of ONH Analyzer
1.6 Industry Policy Analysis of ONH Analyzer
1.7 Industry News Analysis of ONH Analyzer
Chapter Two Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis
2.1 Raw Material Suppliers and Price Analysis of ONH Analyzer
2.2 Equipment Suppliers and Price Analysis of ONH Analyzer
2.3 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of ONH Analyzer
2.4 Global Price, Cost and Gross of ONH Analyzer 2013-2016
Chapter Three Global Capacity Production and Production Value
3.1 Global ONH Analyzer Manufacturing Base
3.2 2013-2016 Global ONH Analyzer Capacity and Production
3.3 2013-2016 Global ONH Analyzer Production Value and Growth Rate
3.4 2013-2016 Global ONH Analyzer Capacity Production Cost, Production Value and Gross Margin
Chapter Four Global Sales and Sales Revenue by Regions
4.1 2013-2016 Global ONH Analyzer Sales by Regions
4.2 2013-2016 Global Major Regions ONH Analyzer Sales and Growth Rate
4.3 2013-2016 Global ONH Analyzer Sales Revenue by Regions
4.4 2013-2016 Global Major Regions ONH Analyzer Sales Price and Growth Rate
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ONH Analyzer Sales Industry Global Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis 2016

The Global ONH Analyzer Sales 2016 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the ONH Analyzer market.
The report provides a basic overview of the ONH Analyzer industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure.
Development policies and plans are discussed as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures are also analyzed. This report also states import/export consumption, supply and demand figures, cost, price, revenue and gross margins.
The report then analyzes the global ONH Analyzer market size (volume and value), and the sales segment market is also discussed by product type, application and region.
The major ONH Analyzer market (including USA, Europe, China, Japan, etc.) is analyzed, data including: market size, import and export, sale segment market by product type and application. Then we forecast the 2016-2021 market size of ONH Analyzer.
The report focuses on global major leading companies providing information such as company profiles, sales, sales revenue, market share and contact information. Then the ONH Analyzer production market status is discussed.
Finally the marketing, feasibility of new investment projects are assessed and overall research conclusions offered.
With 179 tables and figures the report provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.

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COMPANY PROFILE: 9 Major ONH Analyzer Companies Analysis
9.1 LECO
9.1.1 LECO Profile
9.1.2 2010-2016 LECO ONH Analyzer Sales, Sales Revenue, Sales Price, Gross Margin Analysis
9.1.3 Contact Information
9.2 Bruker
9.2.1 Bruker Profile
9.2.2 2010-2016 Bruker ONH Analyzer Sales, Sales Revenue, Sales Price, Gross Margin Analysis
9.2.3 Contact Information
9.3.1 ELTRA Profile
9.3.2 2010-2016 ELTRA ONH Analyzer Sales, Sales Revenue, Sales Price, Gross Margin Analysis
9.3.3 Contact Information
9.4.1 HORIBA Profile
9.4.2 2010-2016 HORIBA ONH Analyzer Sales, Sales Revenue, Sales Price, Gross Margin Analysis
9.4.3 Contact Information
9.5 NCS
9.5.1 NCS Profile
9.5.2 2010-2016 NCS ONH Analyzer Sales, Sales Revenue, Sales Price, Gross Margin Analysis
9.5.3 Contact Information
9.6 Yanrui
9.6.1 Yanrui Profile
9.6.2 2010-2016 Yanrui ONH Analyzer Sales, Sales Revenue, Sales Price, Gross Margin Analysis
9.6.3 Contact Information
9.7 Baoying Technology
9.7.1 Baoying Technology Profile
9.7.2 2010-2016 Baoying Technology ONH Analyzer Sales, Sales Revenue, Sales Price, Gross Margin Analysis
9.7.3 Contact Information

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The 2016 Market for CRISPR/Cas9 Products

Since the Doudna and Charpentier labs first realized the gene-editing capabilities of the CRISPR/Cas9 system, the field expanded outward until it could be found in every corner of biological research. Whether it’s discovering oncogenes, tracking chromosomal recombination, building gRNA libraries, or identifying protein-binding domains Spectrometry for drug development, the versatility of CRISPR/Cas9 continues to captivate the scientific research community. It is this very captivation that has driven the surge in customer demand for CRISPR/Cas9 consumables and services over the past four years. In order to understand the key elements driving this revolutionary field, we asked more than 1350 scientists from around the world about their experience with CRISPR/Cas9 technology suppliers, including their brand perceptions, overall satisfaction, buying preferences, and preferred products. Our latest report—The 2016 Market for CRISPR/Cas9 Products & Services—includes their responses coupled with a wealth of valuable market information and derived metrics straight from the most important source: scientific customers.
Callout 3
Our 2016 report incorporates data from our 2015 survey and assembles it into accessible graphs and metrics for quick comparison. Based on these historical data, we are able to construct financial models to predict market growth. Furthermore, we can contrast these models with market growth as predicted by the scientists themselves. For example, over the next 12 months scientists expect lab budgets for CRISPR/Cas9 technology to increase by over 35%, dwarfing predicted growth in cell-based assays by nearly three times. With expansion of this magnitude, companies with well established supply chains for cell-based assays will need to leverage their strengths to engender the same level of consumer preference in their CRISPR/Cas9 consumables. In order to do so, they will need to gather the pertinent market information, especially with regards to the perception of their brand. As we demonstrate in our report, current use and Physical property test loyalty are not mutually exclusive.
Callout 2
When it comes to maintaining a healthy brand, scientists are your greatest advocates. Their satisfaction with your company can quickly manifest as a promoting comment to a colleague or department, perhaps to one of the 16% who are in search of a new supplier. Conversely, a scathing review from a dissatisfied customer puts your brand in jeopardy of garnering the wrong sort of reputation. The reputation you create for your company becomes the single most important driver of new business. In a fast-growing, dynamic market like CRISPR, smaller, innovative companies have an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and win share before the industry’s giants establish themselves.
Callout 1
Relative to 2015, leading causes of customer satisfaction remain unchanged. Cost, product quality, and technical support are the strongest drivers of switching behavior. However, regional differences in the value placed on each metric are striking. While European labs consider poor technical support to be an excusable flaw, 61% of scientists in Asia consider it to be a justifiable reason for switching suppliers. Regional trends should influence strategic marketing, with successful campaigns being regionally attuned and highly adaptable to consumer interest. Our 2016 report consolidates consumer data into an easily navigated format with, giving you the choice to optimize your research by continent, market segment, and over 20 leading companies. http://www.globe-instruments.com/

Digital Marketing to Life Scientists: What’s In, What’s Out

Scientists were among the first to use the Internet to publish and share information and to communicate with each other. The suppliers of lab instruments and consumables were among the first to identify their customer’s digital behavior and respond with email marketing to direct them to the earliest online catalogs and e-commerce systems. This evolution continues today with suppliers and scientists alike. As scientists take advantage of new digital media their Analytical Instruments suppliers respond with new ways to inform and influence their customers online.
Digital marketing is the art and science of promoting products and services using a variety of digital channels to target prospects at the right time through their preferred channel. Scientists access these different channels via desktops, tablets, and smartphones. When executed properly, a digital marketing program will deliver highly Environmental monitoring personalized content and promotions rendered appropriately for the device on which it was accessed.
The latest report from BioInformatics LLC – Digital Marketing to Life Scientists: Building Digital Loyalty – is now available at our website. We surveyed more than 1,000 scientists from around the world to understand which digital marketing techniques are most effective in helping the, find, buy, decide and use laboratory products.
In this one-of-a-kind report we cover all the most important elements of digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimization, social media, email, mobile, video, webinars, websites, and content marketing. The scientists responding to this survey described their use of each of these channels, how they use them, and the forms of content they are most interested in accessing. Moreover, we include trending data from our 2013 report so your marketing team can see which techniques have grown more popular and which have fallen out of favor.
The report identifies where (and how) scientists spend their time online to Find, Decide, Buy and Use products for their labs. Rather than trial and error (and hoping for the best), suppliers can use this primary research to structure their digital marketing strategy in a way that enables scientific customers to identify products relevant to their work, choose your brand over the others, and engage with your company in a way that builds enduring loyalty. http://www.globe-instruments.com/


5 Rooms You’d Never Expect to Find Glamorous Lighting – And Why It Works

Once reserved primarily for formal dining rooms and grand entryways – glamorous lighting fixtures are expanding their horizons. It is commonly said that “lighting is the jewelry of the home.” In the same way that a statement necklace can instantaneously jazz up an otherwise bland outfit, lighting has the ability to completely transform a space. Even the most ordinary of spaces. One way to make your home stand out from the rest is to adorn certain areas with unexpected light fixtures that are characterized by elegance and sophistication. These five rooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorative lighting – but they could use some rethinking. Here’s why:

Room #1: The Mudroom

The mudroom is the passageway from the exterior of your home to its interior – meaning, this room plays a key role in establishing first impressions. Greet guests with a sophisticated style that introduces them to the quality of design carried through the rest of the house. As a workspace, functionality is key for the mudroom. A large pendant or bright chandelier adds visual appeal while serving as a great source for ambient light.
Project by Stephen Alexander Homes (stephenalexanderhomes.com) | Cuddle Pendant
Design Tip! Find more bright ideas for lighting your mudroom here.


Room #2: The Hallway

Regarded as a space merely for transition, the hallway is often overlooked as a primary area for design opportunity. However, in an open-concept home – hallways may be the perfect stage for a sparkling chandelier (or two) that can be seen easily from other rooms.
Image courtesy of Toll Brothers | Project by Possibilities for Design | Noir Chandelier


Room #3: The Closet

As an important room for determining your own personal wardrobe, a large walk-in closet should be designed to inspire. You’ll love starting your day beneath a gorgeous chandelier. Select a fixture that merges both casual and upscale elements to complete the fusion of the ordinary and extraordinary.
Image courtesy of Kolter Homes | Bliss Chandelier


Room #4: The Garage

The garage can be converted into so much more than a place for storing cars and garden tools. Whether used as a workshop, wet bar or workout area – you deserve a space that shines. A close-to-ceiling fixture helps conserve vertical space while making a big aesthetic impact.
As seen on Property Brothers | Bingo Close-to-Ceiling


Room #5: The Children’s Bedroom

For the girly-girl who loves sparkles and princesses (and mini spot light everything in between) – there’s no better way to dress up her room than with a chandelier that glistens and glitters. For a boy’s bedroom, consider a display of industrial-inspired pendants with a more masculine appeal.
Image courtesy of Toll Brothers | Project by Possibilities for Design | Nissé Chandelier  http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1212194

A Few Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home

Kitchen lighting has, is and always will be one of the most important home lighting considerations. That's because food is created in the kitchen, and everyone loves to eat. All kidding aside, though, kitchen lighting is a major concern for homeowners. This is because the kitchen holds many tasks that require different areas to be flooded with the proper amount of lighting. Cooking, school work and cleaning is all done in the kitchen, and the appropriate kitchen lighting can make all the difference between a well-dressed salad and a Track Lighting Fixturesmess with lots of band-aids involved. Here are some fresh kitchen lighting ideas that you can use to improve this all-important room in your house.
Kitchen Lighting Ideas
Kitchen Track Lighting- Kitchen track lighting is one of the most popular kitchen lighting ideas because it offers flexibility, provides lots of fresh light and creates a clean, sleek and trendy style in the room. That's not all that track lighting fixtures has to offer. In addition to style, kitchen track lighting fixtures can be moved horizontally across the track and circularly on a pivot so that you can shed light on any area of the room. What's more, track lighting fixtures allow you to illuminate several areas at once making multiple areas accessible for working. So you mini spot light can let your children do their homework at the kitchen table while you prepare dinner, or sit down to read a book while waiting for a pot to boil.
Track Lighting Fixtures
Kitchen Lighting
Ceiling Fans- Probably some of the most beloved kitchen lighting ideas of all time, ceiling fans hold a special place in everyone's hearts. That's because in addition to the light and style that this fixture provides, kitchen ceiling fans provide something so much more important: comfort. What everyone seeks, especially when working in a stuffy, hot kitchen is a little bit of comfort, a breeze, a cool gust of wind, something. Kitchen mini down light fans say, "Don't worry about the heat, I got this one covered.", and provide a steady flow of gentle but cooling air. This both cools down the room and circulates the air, ensuring that musty smells, hot air and odors don't settle in and consider sticking Kitchen Lighting Ideasaround.
Recessed Lighting- Another favorite among the many kitchen lighting ideas, recessed lighting offers the optimal amount of light while taking up the minimal amount of space. Conveniently hidden within the ceiling, recessed lighting fixtures take up no space whatsoever. In addition to being well-located, recessed lights are fabulously trendy. The sleek, seamless look is right in line with the contemporary style.
So whether you prefer the clean lines of track lighting fixtures or enjoy kitchen lighting that is out of sight out of mind, you can benefit form some of these kitchen lighting ideas in your house. Illuminate your home today with radiant kitchen lighting. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1212194


Body & Beard Hair transplant

From simple shaving to laser hair removal in NYC, you can achieve the smooth look you desire. Why Remove Hair at All? For some people, hair removal is about smooth, hair-free skin that is soft and beautiful. For other people who don't prefer the bare look, hair removal is about keeping things neat and trim. Overall, getting rid of body hair is more sanitary and makes it easier to keep things clean, and the rest is just personal preference.What Are My Options? When it comes to hair removal, some of the common options include shaving, tweezing/plucking, threading, using epilators and other devices, trying creams that dissolve the hair, and, of course, laser hair removal. Each comes with a set of pros and cons. Shaving Shaving has been around for a long time, and it is a tried and true method that leaves body areas smooth, trim, and hair-free. It is relatively inexpensive, since all you need is a razor and either shaving cream or some form of soap, but you will need to continue to purchase these products on a regular basis. The results of shaving are short-lived, since the hair is cut off right at the surface of the skin and will start to grow back immediately. Waxing, Tweezing, Threading, and Epilators Waxing, plucking, threading, and epilators are all boryhair different forms of ripping the hair out by the roots. Waxing involves strips of wax that are ripped off in one long sweep, tweezing plucks hairs out individually, threading removes hair in short lines, and epilators remove many hairs at once. For smaller areas like eyebrows or upper lips, many people prefer threading or plucking. Waxing is a good way to tackle larger areas, since it removes so many hairs at once. Epilators can be more time-consuming, but they don't remove the top layer of skin (a common complaint about waxing). The results of pulling the hair out by the root are much more long-lasting, since the hairs take much more time to grow back. Creams Depilatory creams weaken the bonds in hairs so they are easily scraped off the surface of the skin. As long as you are not sensitive to the chemicals, it can be a pain-free way of removing unwanted body hair. Be careful not to leave the creams on for too long, or burns may occur. Laser Hair Removal www.boryhair.com

The Many Wonders of Body Hair Removal

Scalp hair Transplant
The scalp hairs are the most important hairs of the body. They make your appearance look graceful and add beauty to your dressing. The scalp hair transplant follows many types of transplant, but the most common method is the FUE hair transplant. The method is utilized by the dermatologist worldwide because it is simple and makes the hair grow more rapidly. The follicular extraction unit hair transplant is a great way of getting back your scalp hair. The FUE process is a quick healing process and does not cause any visible scars or wounds. After transplantation, it would not seem that you have been through a hair transplant or not.
Body Hair Transplant
The body hairs primarily comprise of the hairs on your chest. There are many ways of making your body hair transplanted. The FUT method was used by the surgeons before the FUE transplantation. In FUT method, the strip of hairs is uprooted from the donor area and is grafted in the recipient area. This method is not much used now because it involves much pain and open wounds. After the completion of the transplantation process, the scars are prominently visible which can impart an awkwardness to your appearance. So the FUE transplantation is practiced everywhere, as it is simple and has many advantages over the ordinary hair transplantation.
Beard Hair Transplant
Beard hairs are the way of increasing your beauty. These add glamour and charm to your face and make you more attractive and voluptuous. The increased blood supply to your face due to the presence of hairs makes your face more glow. Like the head hairs, the beard hair also faces some losses. Sometimes it happens that you start losing your beard hairs.
Like the scalp hair transplant, the beard hairs also involve the bory hair same process of transplantation. People go through a beard hair transplantation and mostly dermatologists and surgeons opt for the FUE method. It is more secure, reliable and long lasting. There are no wounds made during the process and it is a scar free process. It is easier to execute and requires much control and stability of hands. Moreover, the cost of FUE is relatively less. The FUE beard transplant is perhaps the best method to get your beard hair transplanted.
People having a dense beard often also opt for the FUE transplant. Despite having a dense beard they tend to lose the beard hair from inside and it is important that a proper transplantation is done to secure the already present hair and to regrow the hair that has been lost. There are many advantages of FUE transplanting.
Hair Transplant by DR. OZGUR
Many doctors and dermatologist recommend the FUE hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant is much advantageous than the FUT strip method because in this method a strip of hair is uprooted from one part of the body and is transplanted where it is required, the strip method is not recommended because it causes wounds and makes out visible scars.  www.boryhair.com