Shaft (2000)

An enjoyable but nevertheless quite silly and average remake of the classic television show has the new John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) beating up a white racist (Christian Bale) and getting booted off of the police force. Everyone in this film is a racist - primarily the whites - and this whole idea is way too forced. The language and violence is rough, yet the film itself is quite goofy, with not many good scenes and only a few mediocre action sequences. The moral is somewhat depressing: if someone wrongs you, or someone of your race, then beat them up and kill them once they reappear. Richard Roundtree's cameo helps a bit, but regardless, this SHAFT is still only "good" at best.

Chinese Pu-erh For Heart Health

Sold in Chinese markets as Chinese Pu-erh  and available in every herb store, hawthorn berries make a tart and refreshing tea with demonstrated medicinal properties. Traditional Asian medicine uses hawthorn to treat allergies and a condition roughly corresponding to a Western diagnosis of attention deficit disorder.
If you have angina or congestive heart failure, a daily glass of hawthorn tea can greatly enhance your health. Hawthorn is both extraordinarily safe and extraordinarily effective in treating various forms of heart disease, as was finally recognized by the American Heart Association in an article printed in its journal in May 2002. This herb contains a variety of flavonoids. Some increase blood flow through the coronary arteries. Some increase left ventricular pressure, making each heartbeat stronger. Some accelerate the heart rate-and some decelerate it. But the most important property of hawthorn is its ability to protect the heart from the effects of oxygen deprivation.
Heart cells, like many other tissues, are able to adapt to oxygen deprivation. They shift their energy production from pathways requiring the use of oxygen to pathways requiring the use of fatty acids. However, when their oxygen supply is restored they are sometimes damaged and sometimes destroyed.
When heart pain is induced by the failure of the heart muscle to pump blood, the neutrophils of the immune release a compound known as human neutrophil elastase (HNE), allowing the arteries to stretch back to a more normal size. The process of relaxing the artery, however, releases massive quantities of free radicals that disrupt the cholesterol coats of heart cells and interfere with the action of L-carnitine. At least one of the flavonoid compounds in hawthorn counteracts HNE.
Hawthorn has several other beneficial effects. Animal studies have found that hawthorn stimulates the liver to use LDL cholesterol to make bile salts, cholesterol salts that are flushed out of the liver into the stool. Other studies with laboratory animals have found that the hawthorn compound monoacetyl-vitexin rhamnoside relaxes the linings of the arteries, permitting greater blood flow, through a complicated chemical process. And at least one animal study suggests that hawthorn can prevent irreversible tissue damage during heart attack
Hawthorn is also helpful for people who have lupus. Hawthorn reduces fatigue caused by exercise or exertion by counteracting blood-clotting factor called canavanine that is overabundant in lupus patients. Hawthorn is especially useful when lupus is aggravated by certain foods in the diet, especially alfalfa sprouts.
There are very few precautions for the use of hawthorn. It is almost completely nontoxic. Like many other natural treatments for angina, however, it can cause diarrhea the first few days you take it.
The easiest way to make hawthorn tea is to use tea bags. Most blends emphasize hawthorn flowers rather than hawthorn berries. Sicilian Nights Tea combines hawthorn flowers with cherries, lemon peel, hibiscus, and rose hips for a sweet and sour combination. Blue Mountains Paradise Hawthorn Tea combines hawthorn and vanilla. Hawthorn berry teas are usually a little less expensive but not quite as cardioprotective. If you use hawthorn berries to make tea, you will probably want to add honey or stevia as a sweetener.


Tea Treatment For Anxiety! WOW! HOW!

We are all used to the time honored tradition of having a cup of tea and taking a nice hot bath to calm you down before you hit the pillow for some Z's. Ah, that always sounds so nice!
Well, tea really does help to reduce a person's levels of anxiety. And it is very effective!
Of course I had to analyze HOW exactly tea is able to provide relief for the most anxious of us!
Here you go....
Just to start, a little orgo (AKA, O-Chem, organic chemistry), don't get scared, it's just a point, really!
The health benefits that are attributed to tea can be traced to a unique, neurologically-active amino acid in tea called L-theanine (gamma-ethylamino-L-glutamic acid).
Yep, that's it. That's the stuff, L-theanine.
L-theanine acts antagonistically against the stimulatory effects on the nervous system.
Here is exactly how a state of relaxation is produced when tea is consumed. What happens:
* L-theanine directly encourages the production of alpha brain waves. This immediately creates a deep state of relaxation along with high levels of mental alertness. L-theanine specifically relaxes the person into a rare form of a relaxation state only previously known to be attained through the practice of meditation.
* L-theanine is specifically required in the development of GABA (gamma amino butyric acid).
* GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that influences the levels of dopamine and serotonin.
* Specific levels of dopamine and serotonin are required to produce the deep relaxation state.
Viola! A deep state of relaxation has been achieved! Thanks to good old L-theanine!
I have actually found lots of reliable information indicating that the chemical properties in tea help to make a person more alert and active too!
Active, and alert, wait a minute, why did I ever drink Oolong Tea? Well, never again, tea it is for me! Come on, where do the benefits stop?
One last interesting tid bit, according to the most extensive studies being performed currently, just turning on the tea kettle and hearing the water boil can help a person start to relax!
WOW, now that is impressive! So, if you are ever going through any kind of emotional crisis, one thing you can always count on helping, turn on that kettle!
Not a bad alternative to the usual ice cream snack I tend to grab for emotional support, right?

La fidélité (2000)

Zulawski's 'La Fidélité' is one imbalanced film. The plot is very contrived. It tries to tackle too many things at once but does not quite succeed in spite of the almost 3 hour length. The characters lack dimension (and are hardly interesting). I was irritated by the explicit male nudity (which was more than female nudity). The sex scenes looked unconvincing and a little vulgar, as if they were just thrown in the movie randomly, giving it a pretentious look. The story lacks a distinct direction. Yet, somehow, something about it kept me watching till the end and after the closing credits have rolled, I didn't feel disappointed (by the fact that I spent three hours watching the film) nor was I particularly satisfied. By no means, is this a great film but it is shot quite beautifully. The photography and cinematography are excellent. Some of the images have been so wonderfully and artistically shot and brought on screen. I liked how beautifully the relationship between Clelia and her mother (played by the fabulous Magali Noël) was portrayed and how Clelia's obsession with photographing everything reflects her own life. Sophie Marceau does very well, carrying the film, in spite of having a weakly written character. Guillaume Canet is okay and Pascal Gregory is awful. Perhaps Zulawski wanted to present the film like a photograph which captures a moment but tells a lot about the surrounding time period. He doesn't succeed though. For me, it's one of those films that I wouldn't call great but I didn't mind watching either.


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The Jungle Book

I grew up on this animation, and all I can say is that no classical animation-style Disney movie till date, not Lion King, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame or any other that you can think of comes THIS close as to compare itself with this all-time classic.

A brilliant combination of wonderful voices, magnificent characters, songs that will keep you humming for weeks this is certainly the peek of animation storytelling. It doesn't get any better than this.

I give this one 10/10 without a second thought.

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Source Code (2011)

I was looking forward to seeing " Source Code " ever since I saw the 1st trailer, and I was lucky enough to catch it in an advance screening, before it officially released here, and it just exceeded my expectations. this is the type of movies that will keep you interested till the very ending . it's probably the best sci-fi/thriller since Inception ! no big action scenes, no big explosions, no usage of unnecessary CGI, well-written story, solid performance from Mr. Gyllenhaal ( who is now officially one of my favorite actors ) and another hit from my newest favorite filmmaker Duncan Jones. don't miss it !


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The Color Purple

As with many Steven Spielberg films, this is a beautiful-looking movie, scene-after-scene almost looking like paintings. To me, that was the main attraction of the movie because the story - although powerful - to me, wasn't as appealing as the rich visuals. It's also one of those films almost guaranteed to bring a tear or two to ones eyes at the end.

This is much more involving story if you are a woman or black person, because you can relate more to the characters in the film. As with typical Hollywood, political correctness rules: most of the men (white or black) are bad while the women (mostly black) are all good. If you are a male watching the movie, this bias in the story can be very annoying.

Individually, I remember first watching this (I've seen it a couple of times) and being surprised what a good actress Oprah Winfrey was, and how appealing was Whoopi Goldberg's character "Celie." Goldberg became a star after this film (also for her comedy appearances on TV) but I always thought this role was, by far, her best or, at the least, her most appealing.

Rae Dawn Chong never looked prettier and Margaret Avery played a real charmer. Danny Glover was effectively nasty. You wanted to punch his lights out!

Overall, expect for what I mentioned above, this was good storytelling and certainly an involving, emotional story.

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Add to Watchlist We Need to Talk About Kevin

I watched this film with a global audience in Cannes. The theater was packed and the two people who walked into the screening ahead of me were already established filmmakers. I was hit by a brilliance of color and a tableau of events moving back and forth in time. Excellent casting, excellent metaphors, excellent camera-work, excellent writing, but the story was not only depressing, the bulls eye, the center of attention, the whole forward motion of the piece, was in the wrong direction. You knew that you were watching a film and you knew the actors were playing their roles and when the end came, the packed house was silent and then after a moment the booing started. Finally after a little thought I joined in. See a much better film on this subject. See "April Showers."


Tea Tree Oil For Yeast Infection Treatments - 3 Easy Tips That Work!

If your currently wondering about a yeast infection that you may be suffering, then by all means please go to a professional and diagnose yourself there. You have no idea how many women are making the mistake on thinking that they are suffering from a yeast infection, and when they try to treat it, it never works!
The yeast infection is very normal to happen, especially if your a female. Trust me. I know how it feels to suffer from one. I could not do the things I wanted and eat the things I wanted. The infection can really get into some ones skin, and make them feel very different about themselves and thus affecting relationships with friends and loved ones.
Here, you will discover a treatment that many women are not aware of and learn how you can take advantage of it in a matter of minutes!
1 - Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infection Treatments
This essential oil can be really effective for women that suffer from vaginal yeast symptoms. The oil is known as a fungal fighter, and a very power one as well. It is very cheap to buy and very easy to pick up in local super markets. Use the most natural oil, avoid any artificial flavor.
2 - Buy a Tampon and a Lubricant
Women have been devoted to what tea tree oil can do for yeast infections. But, the treatment can have sensational itchiness when applied to sensitive areas on the skin. Since, you will be using a tampon with the combination of tea tree oil and a lubricant, it is best to use the lubricant to ease the painful feeling that tea tree oil offers.
3 - Eat Foods That Do Not Feed The Yeast Bacteria
After applying the remedy at home you can now be on your way to an instant relief of the symptoms. But, you must also avoid some of the daily foods that you may be consuming every day. Avoid foods that contain excessive amounts of sugars such as pasta, wheat and molasses.
Instead, eat foods that have high fiber such as broccoli, garlic and turnips. I will also recommend that you start drinking good amounts of water every day. The yeast bacteria would not stand a chance if you do this.
If your still wondering how tea tree oil works as a treatment then you can easily follow the easy recommendations that I will provide below.

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A Triumph

Sometimes (even oftentimes) in the world of film criticism, the word "triumphant" is thrown around. It's often used to describe a film, perhaps more often a performance. I've certainly used it; it's a term I like to pull out when a film seems to go beyond the call of duty. When it's more than art, entertainment, or a combination of both. When the story, images, and characters pop off the screen and go with you, and the lasting impression left on you means something more than having killed a couple hours in a big, dark room with a bunch of strangers. Now, after watching 127 Hours, I feel I've never used "triumphant" in the correct critical context before.

James Franco's performance is simply astounding. He, as an actor, is triumphant because his character is, and because he delves into what it means to be bringing this incredible story to life on the big screen for mass consumption. This is a tough role - Franco is basically putting on a one-man show, and he does so elegantly. We feel Aron Ralston's pain because Franco feels his pain and shows it in every line of his face, verbalizes it with every sigh, and lets it control him even as he battles to take control back and find a way out of his dire situation.

It's pure, masterful art. Franco is simply flawless. Trapped by the boulder, much of his performance lies in his facial expressions, and he is able to deftly switch from desperation to comedy to a brutal will to survive, all while being barely able to move. I've rarely been so impressed by an actor's work; Franco is wholly deserving of the Oscar.

Danny Boyle's kinetic, energetic direction is a perfect match for Franco's easy-going goofiness, and even when the film becomes grounded in the narrow canyon where Ralston was trapped, Boyle always keeps things interesting. He and co-writer Simon Beaufoy weave flashbacks and hallucinations into Ralston's dilemma to great, heart-breaking effect, and the premonition that drives Ralston to finally dive whole-heartedly into amputating his own arm is breath-taking in its tenderness.

Also impressive is Enrique Chediak and Anthony Dod Mantle's cinematography. Instead of letting the confined space limit their camera techniques, they tackle every possible angle, often bringing the audience uncomfortably close to the action. Shots through the bottom of Ralston's water bottle mark time and heighten the sense of urgency. The addition of home movie-style footage brings Ralston even closer to the audience; when he expresses his delayed gratitude to his family, you'll likely find yourself thinking about the last time you told your parents how much you love them. It's a great device, and is put to best use in one of the film's funniest scenes, when Ralston interviews himself Gollum-style. The combination of the dark humor, varied cinematography, and Franco's impressive facial dexterity pitch the scene perfectly; it's a lighter moment that is nevertheless grounded in the gravity of the situation.

Complementing and combining Chediak and Mantle's beautiful shots is Jon Harris's dynamic editing. The use of split-screen is particularly brilliant, put to use in innovative ways throughout the film: the bookend sequences mark Ralston's departure from and return to society, and the technique in general represents the multiple facets of a seemingly simple tale. Yes, when it comes down to it, 127 Hours is a film about a mountain climber who gets stuck under a boulder and has to cut off his own arm. But it's so much more than that. It's about a man overcoming the physical, emotional, and intellectual strains of an unthinkable situation. It's about responsibility, love, and the will to live. Above all, it's about the triumph of the human spirit, show more clearly and beautifully here than in any other film I can think of.


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Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

I am a HUGE Tenacious D fan, and I think this is not the funniest movie in the world, but the most entertaining. It's not laugh-a-minute but that's not what the D intended it to be. I went into the movie seeing all the HBO shows, memorized both albums, and that made it even more enjoyable. Plenty of inside jokes from past Tenacious D albums, and HBO shows. Since I knew the new album already, I knew 40 minutes of the movie because it is a musical comedy. I would say it has the best first 5 minutes of any movie and the best last 5 minutes of any movie. Hands Down.

See This Movie Now!


Igby Goes Down

Kieran Culkin astounds in "Igby goes down". While the supporting cast (Jeff Goldblum, Susan Sarandon, Ryan Phillipe and Claire Danes) are predictably good, he turns in an electrifying performance. The script is simply superb and the backdrop of New York is wonderful. The master stroke is the use of Rory Culkin as a younger Igby which lends an authentic air of continuity. The only disappointment is Amanda Peet who, as usual, overacts and hams it up as the highly-strung on/off girlfriend. Jeff Goldblum is surprisingly sexy in a role which he seems very comfortable with while Bill Pullman is surprisingly weighty in a minor yet key role which he pulls off extremely well.

Igby Goes Down is a personal tale about a 17 year old misfit boy who copes with his mother's cancer and his father's insanity by pursuing relationships with

older women. Truly an intellectual, Igby is a modern day Holden Caulfield, and the world he lives in is far removed from the high standards of expectation he holds for it.


Boy's Swimsuit

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82% Nylon and 18% Spandex, fabric composition allows for enough stretch and a comfortable feel
Sizing Chart for Children
Sizing Chart
MS-M2'11"90CM3-4 years old
MS-L3'5"105CM4-6 years old
MS-XL4'1"125CM6-8 years old
People who are familiar with the history of Bikini Atoll—particularly opponents of nuclear proliferation—may find the etymology and use of the word "bikini" for a garment as inappropriate, as its tongue-in-cheek "explosive" reputation effectively reduces the significance of a serious historic humanitarian crisis—one that still influences the politics of the Marshall Islands—to a mere popular culture sex symbol in the minds of most people. The term two piece swimsuits is considered a neutral alternative.


Mariposa Balck or Red Flattering One Piece Swimsuits

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An amazing artistic butterfly image spreads its wings just below the underwire bra built into these flattering one piece swimsuits. Exposed sides add to the sexy appeal of this nylon/spandex swimsuit that comes in either Balck or Red. The swim top features double-strand spaghetti straps.


 Underwire provides best support for your bust
 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex - fabric composition allows for enough stretch and a comfortable feel
How many parts in one swimsuit

Sizing Chart

Selecting the right fit and size of swimwear is essential for your comfort, enjoyment and satisfaction. Please note that size could vary depending on the swimwear manufacturer. We have provided the following charts to help you to size your swimsuit correctly. The sizes run true to size, however, if you are in between sizes you should definitely select the larger size.