Tissot Navigator 3000 the Newest Member of the Touch Screen Series

Tissot Gold watches has opened up a whole new world of watch making with its innovative style and immaculate features. The newest member of this series is the Tissot Navigator 3000 which is just as brilliant with even more features to fancy over. This timepiece, differing from the others, is the ideal travel watch.

The basis of the Navigator 3000 dates back all the way to 1853 when Tissot created a pocket watch with multiple time zones. In 1953 Tissot came out with the multiple time zone watch, which was based off of the watch 100 years earlier. And now the Navigator 3000 has been created with new and improved features.

As with all of the touch screen series, it comes with touch screen technology. This allows you to touch one button on the crystal screen to activate all of the other modes and features. From there, you can interact with your watch entirely by touching the crystal screen on your watch.
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As mentioned, this watch is based off of the multiple time zone pocket watch from 1853. Therefore, this travel watch allows you to track multiple time zones simultaneously. When you first get the watch you will want to set the time to your home time zone. The watch automatically comes with 150 cities preprogrammed and many more can be manually added.

The multiple time zone mode in your watch is called the T-World function. The Navigator 3000 can track four additional time zones along with the primary time zone you use. Then, you can set the four time zones to the four places you are most likely to travel to. When you get to that time zone, as oppose to resetting your clock you can simply select the new time zone and swap it out.

With 150 cities already preprogrammed into your watch, each of the cities also have DST setting preprogrammed up to the year 2099. And if you decide to add an additional city to the watch, you can also add the DST setting to the other cities you opt to add.

Lastly, the Tissot Navigator 3000 does come with an energy saving mode. If you do not plan on using your watch for a certain period of time, you can put it into an energy saving mode. The LCD will go blank and the hands will indicate 6:30. When you want to reactivate the watch you can easily do so by pressing the crown for two seconds.

Each watch within the touch screen series is perfect for a certain type of buyer and the Tissot Navigator 3000 is the perfect watch for the common traveler. With a multiple time zone mode and 150 preprogrammed cities in the watch, you can quickly change the time zone to wherever you are at. And that is just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do with the Navigator 3000.

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