Primary types of women's shoes

Women's shoes are designed to perform a particular job. There are women's shoes that are sensible. If a woman is on her feet all day tending to others she doesn't want to wear stilettos all day she wants to wear low heeled supportive shoes. If she is off playing tennis she'll want a pair of sports shoes specifically for tennis. And if she is out wanting to express her woman hood there's nothing like a pair of slinky high heels that makes a woman look sexy.
There are many seven main types' women's shoes that all other shoes types come from:

First there is the Boot. A boot is defined as covering the whole foot and part of the leg. Then there is the Moccasin, originally worn by Native American Indian. The moccasin is made from soft leather, no laces and visible stitching.

Another type is the Monk, this is a closed shoe with a strap over instep and fastened on the side.
Number four is the Mule, this shoe only covers the front part of the foot.
Now we come to the Oxford, this type of shoe covers all of the foot and laces up the middle.
Number six in this list of primary women's shoes is the pump. This style is a low cut shoe that covers most of the foot, it doesn't have a fastening.
And last but not least there is the Prada Belts, a shoe that secures the foot by means of straps.
All the other types of women's shoes are derivative of these seven primary types. Take the stiletto; this is a shoe that is a derivative of the mule. You will have seen the high heeled stiletto boot, no points for where they got that idea from. The kiltie which comes from the moccasin stable is a moccasin with a fringed tongue.
So although there are many styles of women's shoes all the top designers from Prada to Gucci design all their masterpieces from these seven styles.

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  1. I'm a massive fan of the stiletto heel. I feel like I'm oozing femininity when hitting the town in my favourite pair of killer heels. Comfort just isn't an option!