French actors I love… J’adore Sophie Marceau!

Bonjour Mon Ami!
The Oscar nominations came out today! So much fun!  I can’t even help myself, I love the Oscars! One of the actors nominated for ‘best actor’ this year, just happens to be an outstanding FRENCH actor named Jean Dujardin!  He starred in the movie “The Artist” this year and I saw it over the weekend. This man is incredible.
Now what’s unusual is that this brillian
t French actor only speaks once in the entire film! Why? It’s a silent movie! (How very French anyway)  His one line said with all his French accent intact is “With Pleasure!” Its outstanding.  I’m hoping that he wins the award this year, not because he’s French, but because his performance is nothing short of amazing.
Anyway, the nominations got me thinking about all the lovely French actors/actresses that j’adore! (I adore!)  Topping the list has to be one of the most beautiful actresses of all time, Sophie Marceau. You probably know her best as the queen from the movie Braveheart. She’s had numerous roles, but regardless of what she’s doing she’s always outstanding. Another one of my favorite French actresses is Audrey Justine Tautou. She played the leading lady in Amélie, (she was beyond sweet in that film) and the leading lady in the DaVinci Code! Another great film.  On the guys side, as I previously mentioned I’m a big fan of  Jean Dujardin and Vincent Cassel!  He played a big role in the Oceans movies and was just charming and wonderful! (Technically the ‘bad guy’ in the movies but he’s so good you love to hate him!)
Anyway, those are my favorite French actors right now… who knows what the future holds. Who are your favorites?

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