Crack fashion circles

In April 2009, the model PilippaHamilton was dismissed by Ralph Lauren because she was "too fat".1.78 meters tall, weighing 110 pounds, which is also called fat?Unwilling PilippaHamilton came out to complain it to the media and Claimed that the advertising photo was released in Japan and was clumsy modifications.In this photo, her limbs was slender, waist was even narrower than the face.Ralph Lauren Corporation had to issue a statement of apology, and admitted to using the map to distort the female body .
Careless of Repair piece accident
ally had rugby polo ralph Lauren,experience a PR crisis .However, in fashion circles, the picture optimization, has always been an open secret.With Photoshop and other graphic software, the photographer easily let people's skin more smooth, teeth more clean , waist limb more delicate, legs more slender in order to achieve cosmetic surgery power perfect .If photographers skill is not enough, they can get help from the Retouch division.PascalDang is regarded as "the fashion industry retouching division," in New Yorker .He cooperated with almost all of the top photographers in the world .Of course, he also cooperated with the designers of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand .Be careful, the PS is definitely not a simple technology ,but photographers need the Retouch division to have unique vision and imagination . PascalDang is upright breasts and shrink pores of experts, which is the actress most want.But he did things in low-key, never attended the fashion show and also accept rare interview, which would be the Retouch division norm .
The astute reader has been awareness and accept the picture .There are more or less picture which are modified by Photoshop in the magazine . After the PS, the difference is that some can be justified, others are full of loopholes.PascalDang said: " the Retouch division should understand the bone and muscle tissue and know their structure and functioning .PascalDang are interested in Ralph Lauren's clothes . Sometimes also recommended Ralph Lauren dress and shoes to the stars .To make the models have slender legs, some Retouch division made division of the tibia and femur disappeared , this situation is very common.
Someone once asked supermodel Kate Moss, who is the best photographer in her mind . The answer of supermodel is: those who are responsible for the repair piece.Not all the people is like almost perfect photos,In April of this year, "ELLE" published actress Sophie Marceau' s photos, causing public opinion sensation.Sophie Marceau used to be the spokesman of the Ralph Lauren bags, Ralph Lauren was very satisfied with her performance.Photographer Lindbergh explained: "My feeling is that all these years, the magazine retouching have a big impact on the image of women .Unjustly the repair should not be a showcase of female beauty at the beginning of this century. "Of course, ordinary girl because of the PS, they first found that the gap between himself and actress, in fact, is not so far.
After reading entertainment these things,you may be like reading the philosophical story and knowing the state affairs .

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