Shu Qi Deletes Weibo Microblog After Chinese Netizens Attack(

Shu Qi, aka Hsu Chi.

Shu Qi quits Weibo, let me say something in defense of Shu Qi

First, I am not a fan of Shu Qi .
Second, I support Uncle Zhao.
Finally, I am just a passerby who like going on Tianya.
Main text:
That this conflict between two men has for no reason at all pulled in a woman, I am a bit speechless.
I know Shu Qi’s photographs were not posted in retribution by those supporting Zhao, but had been dug up by others long ago.
I also know Shu Qi is someone who became famous through taking off her clothes, who relied on nudity to get into the industry.
I also know that since she’s gone naked, she should be prepared for people to dig [those photos] out at any time, even though she has already worked hard to put her clothes on back one at a time [worked hard to change her past image].
But I want to say that those people who keep using such-and-such photo to attack her, can’t you be a little forgiving?
She did make mistakes, and she should bear the consequences.
But has she not? When the media interviews her, they have never shied away from bringing up her past, and hasn’t she faced it all?
Her clothes were not all put back on in a split second [metaphor for improving her past image/reputation], she’s been putting them on for many years, so has she really not paid the price for the past?
She actually has never completely broken away from the image of a star that started with nudity, but you guys insist on digging up her past photographs to again rip off her clothes one by one?
Some people say her deleting her Weibo messages one by one and deleting who she follows is her trying to get sympathy and whatever.
I can only say it doesn’t matter, she is just a woman trying her hardest to break free from the past.
Why can’t you all be a little more forgiving in your treatment of her? Who has not made mistakes?
“Goddess” was not a title she gave herself, and if she were to dare say she is a goddess, I would spit all over her face, but why are all of these things blamed on her?
Isn’t Sola Aoi that you gossipy male comrades love so much also a goddess in many men’s hearts?
And those talking about conspiracy theories and PR crisis, don’t you think your imaginations are a little too abundant?
Every person, more or less have one or two things they don’t want to face and want to avoid.
Just like a petty thief who does jail time, comes out, works hard to make a living, trying to break away from the past, and someone says, “Oh, he used to be a thief.” He might lower his head and bear it.
But if someone says, “Look, he’s a shameless thief.” Do you guys think these two things are the same?
One should not be so harsh. Making things difficult for a woman is not impressive, there’s no need to brandish the morality cudgel every day bashing this and bashing that, are people not allowed to change after making mistakes?
Okay, I’m done, flees.
Many of Shu Qi’s past nude pornographic photos were dug up and shared by Chinese netizens. Here are a few (sorry, guys, censored) examples:
Example of Shu Qi's old nude photos that Chinese netizens have dug up and abused her with.
Example of Shu Qi's old nude photos that Chinese netizens have dug up and abused her with.

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