Karenina…an exceptional character

One of the greatest novels of all times from the universal literature is, without any doubt, Anna Karenina, the great classic story written by Lev Tolstoy. Inspired in part by a real fact, Anna Karenina is a story about family with all that this word presumes, about love, passion, life and death. “The perfect novel” said G.Ibraileanu.
With a colossal action and a great number of characters we see the Russian society from the late 19th century, the peasants, the intellectuals, the nobles with a special attention upon aristocracy’s life. It’s the tale of two couples, two love stories. One, it’s the story of Ekaterina Alexandrovna Șcerbațkaia (Kitty) and Konstantin Dmitrici Levin, from a certain point of view a calm and peaceful relation with an almost normal family life  . The other is the sinner love between Anna Arkadievna Karenina (married with Alexei Alexandrovici Karenin) and the count Alexei Kirilovici Vronski. This character, Anna Karenina, is a masterpiece of Tolstoy. She is not a positive image. Karenina is negative for the society. She was not a ravishing beauty but she was beautiful and Tolstoy is describing her with such perfection of style. She was a rebel, a superior creature, unique. Being adulterine was something normal for her and she was doing that in a personal way, not with passion falling mostly in vulgarity. She was smart and her presence was like a spell for mean and also women around her. She does a lot of ugly and unpardonable things like cheating her husband, abandoning her child but, despite all this she has a good light upon her that makes her human, but different form a mass of humans around her. And these are the characteristic that makes her so real. In the end she destroys herself by falling into depression and taking her own life. She found her end under the wheels of a train. Anna and her death are symbols of the decadence who in the end brings nothing good only destruction.
Anna Karenina is not only a character of major importance in the universal literature. The heroine and the homonymous novel created a cinematographic success by the multiples versions on the big screen. Famous actresses gave birth to this monumental character like Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh, Jacqueline Bisset, Tatiana Samoilova, Sophie Marceau and, in the 2012 version, Keira Knightley. Every movie about Karenina brings something new, sophisticated costumes, locations, transposing the spectator in that era, sometimes making of the viewer an “accomplice” to character’s secrets.

Actresses that played Anna Karenina
Greta Garbo in Anna Karenina (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ,1935)

Vivien Leigh (Anna Karenina,London Film Productions,1948)

Tatiana Samoilova (Anna Karenina, Mosfilm, 1967)

Sophie Marceau (Anna Karenina, Warner Bros. 1997)

Keira Knightley (Anna Karenina,Universal Pictures, 2012)


Following Anna’s dressing style


In these photos I was wearing a handmade taffeta dress, no name jewels, vintage gloves.
À bientôt !

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“There is no point in living if you can’t feel alive”/ Blogalongbond: The World is Not Enough

August 2, 2012 · by The Illbomb

The World is Not Enough has the most sombre tone from all of Brosnan’s Bond outings and subsequently is the better for it, (until that is the introduction of Christmas Jones). TWINE marvellously explores themes such as Stockholm syndrome, terrorism, anarchy and oil trading with a dexterous attitude often missing in Bond films that tend to punch above its weight. The main plot strength though is making M more of an integral part of the plot than usual which was much needed in the film’s lacklustre final act.

Robert Carlyle’s anarchist does a better job of being a Bond villain than Jonathan Price did in the last Bond outing. His sneering turn as Renard; Bond’s antagonist is simultaneously sinister and sympathetic. Although the excuse that he has a bullet lodged in his brain that allows him to feel no pain, does burgeon on the science fiction side.

Even though Denise Richards is hot; those lips, breasts and whole package seem perfect for the female form created in the “classic” Weird Science movie. Unfortunately she is the weak link in a surprisingly decent Bond film. Her inclusion in the film is evidently not needed other than for dirty old men such as myself to ogle at her; whilst her acting is questionable to say the least. I am also sure that whoever the powers that be, were going for a Lara Croft look for Denise.

Sophie Marceau as Electra King on the other hand is the perfect femme fatale, admirably being the smartest tool in the box. She had me duped from the beginning, she can act a lot better than Denise and her role of being a tortured soul who is somewhat ballsy is performed well.

The pre title opening stunt set pieces are fucking amazing. The jumping off of a building outside the Guggenheim, whilst attached to a henchman for leverage is ingenious. Also the fire fight on boats with an unknown female assassin ensures the stunts are memorable. It’s a bit of a novelty to film on the river Thames incorporating different famous landmarks, but also exciting as well that such a thing could happen in boring Blighty. Now I know where Danny Boyle got the idea for his opening Olympic ceremony.


The main drawback of the film is that after three Brosnan outings, and 19 Bond films, there is no sense of urgency to take the character in a different direction. This is the SAME Bond along with all the intrinsic clichés that we have always seen since Dr No. It is still a good movie by Bond standards, but it is not doing anything new or anything that we have not seen before unlike Dalton’s two film tenure (I will stop banging the drum on that one). After all this was the era of Tony Blair’s New Labour and all we have to signify this is an amazing stunt piece over the Millennium Dome. Goldeneye self-referentially addressed this lack of moving with the times from the dinosaur speech from M, nevertheless we still have a nudge-nudge-wink sexist attitude to sex, which would not seem out of place in a Carry On movie:
The top five sexual wordplay of TWINE:

1.   Lady:
Would you like to check my figures?
I am sure they are perfectly rounded
2.   Moneypenny:
I know exactly where to put that
[Referring to a cigar]
3.   M:
 I would hate to tear you away from the affairs of the state but would you like to come in?
[referring to Bond’s tet-a-tate with Moneypenny ]
  1. Bond:
Let’s just skirt the issue shall we?
[as he unzips the doctor’s skirt]
  1. Christmas Jones:
I have to have it back or someone is going to have my ass
First things first.


Summer is supposed to be fun

Summer is supposed to be fun.

^ When you look at this picture really fast, it looks like Gisele’s breasts. Then you realize it's a really feminine looking  guy next to her with big man boobs.

I actually have less to update about over the summer than I did during the school year. That is weird. I bought a shipload of movies. Yesterday I bought four and then a few days ago I bought a few more. Plus, I’m also renting too. Although I go through movies quite fast (3/day) that’s still a lot for me. I sincerely look forward to watching every eye blinking moment and savoring every Hollywood still.

After years of being a mom, Sophie Marceau has finally stepped back into Hollywood. Here she is at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Click the link to watch her embarrassing nip slip. Damn, those poparazzi are quick when something like that happens. As soon as the boob is exposed, you see hella flashes even though she recovers from it rather quickly too. Aww man Sophie what a way to make a come back. There is nudity so beware.


So recently, I saw the movie DRAGON: The Bruce Lee Story. Wow. It's a really motivating movie for you get get your lazy butt off the chair and makesomething of yourself. I never knew Bruce Lee was a philosopher type person. I just thought he was a movie star. It just goes to show you that you can never underestimate anyone huh? The actors who protrayed the real people (Bruce and his wife mainly) did a really impressive job. I thought that they were very true to the real Bruce and wife. Definitely a tear jerker/ Drama/ action movie. I'd say one a family together would denitely enjoy. I'd give it an A.

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    Much ado about Deauville
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    This complicated frou-frou from the popular French actress Sophie Marceau is her second directorial effort. It tanked last summer with French critics as did her first of a few years ago, the not very memorably titled Parlez-moi d'amour. What's wrong this time? To begin with, this is a mystery thriller, and except for a few masters like Clouzot and Chabrol, the French aren't generally very good at those. Actor Guillaume Canet's 2006 Tell No One/Ne le dis a personne is a much better one than this. It is more exciting and involving, and though it also is a bit too complicated, it winds things up tightly and clearly at the end, which this does not. (Tell No One nonetheless went quickly to DVD in the US; its bevy of well known French screen actors held no Stateside power to enchant.)

    La Disparue de Deauville weighs itself down right away with a whole panoply of overly familiar ingredients: a disfigured body whose identification is therefore questionable; a manipulative mom in a wheelchair with a weak son; a depressed police detective willing to break laws to solve his case; a deluxe hotel full of secrets whose manager (Robert Hossein) has disappeared; a seaside location; a fancy car abandoned on a cliff.

    On top of that, there's Victoria Benutti, a beautiful actress long dead whose image--now it seems her phantom--haunts the living. Marceau, who plays this ghostly diva herself (channeling Isabelle Adjani with the help of raincoat, black wig, and scarf ), presents too much about this vaguely defined character, too soon--a whole "secret" suite in the hotel, in fact, papered with thousands of euros worth of stills and fake Sixties fanzines about Benutti. Panning around a room full of stills isn't a very good way to start a thriller. It isn't a good way to develop character either. Even before this Victoria or her clone appears directly Jacques, the distrubed detective (Christophe Lambert, in very, very rumpled mode). She comes to him in his car and orders him to drive across the bridge from Le Havre to Deauville and find room 401 in the Hotel Riviera.

    And then Jacques gets suspicious and starts breaking rules and stealing keys, trashing hospital medicine cabinets and swiping computers, and he puts the pressure on the disabled mom (Marie-Christine Barraut). There is even a chase, when Jacques has gone out of control in a tiny borrowed car and his police department cohort Pierre (Simon Abkarian) and his chubby girl partner chase him going the wrong way on the auto-route. The trouble with this effort to generate excitement is that we don't care much where Jacques is going. Too bad; it's a pretty good chase. An appealing ally for Jacques in his investigations is the manager's weak son, Camille (Nicolas Briançon).

    The French title means "The Missing [female] Person of Deauville." Did I mention that the English title is Trivial?
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Sexy Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou

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