African Commodities Sell Well in Yiwu

When small commodities from Yiwu market are exported to Africa Yiwu Fair in large quantities, a large number of African goods are pouring into Yiwu. Statistics of Yiwu Customs show that imports from Africa reached USD 91.28 million from January to October in 2015, increasing by 92.58% year on year. In particular, imports from Nigeria and Mozambique reached USD 52,400,074 and USD 21,938,837 respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 223.05% and 133.68% respectively.

In May, 2011, “African Products Exhibition & Trade Center”, a sales exhibition platform for African products, was established in Imported Commodities Mall, District V, Yiwu International Trade Mart. It has become a gathering place for numerous African businessmen to exhibit and sell African products and is dealing in over 5,000 kinds of commodities from 29 African countries, including wood carvings, stone carvings, folk handicrafts, instruments, jewelry, red wine, olive oil and so on. There have been 37 business entities in “African Products Exhibition & Trade Center” by far, among which 24 are recommended by African Embassy in China, Embassy of China in Africa and Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of China in Africa. http://en.yiwufair.com/aboutfair/news/t23641.html

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