Oxygen Analyzer- The Most Vital Element to Human Health

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XGF-404 CEMS smoke emission process analysis system

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XGF-404 series CEMS smoke emission process analysis system is in accordance with national environmental requirements for power plant boilers or similar conditions in the flue gas continuous emission of gaseous substances, dust , flow rate, pressure and other parameters for continuous detection of multi-functional system for environmental protection department smoke emissions achieve effective control of the quantization . The core of the system is usually by the following relatively independent parts. Flue gas composition (SO2, NOx, CO, O2 , etc. ) continuous monitoring system , the dust concentration detection systems , flue gas flow and pressure monitoring systems, data acquisition and processing system (DAS), other additional measurement parameters.

Oxygen is the most vital element for the human body. So why is it then, the one element of our health that we all take for granted. The answer is simple- while we are breathing one breath after another, we just presume that we are getting enough of it! The truth is though, that this is not the case. 200 years ago the quality of the air was much higher with an oxygen quantity of 30%. Today though, as a result of global pollution and the depletion of our natural resources the air only contains 19% oxygen and in some cities as low as 10% oxygen.
Oxygen in the blood stream nourishes the body's cells, creates energy and helps break down waste products and toxins. It creates immune system defense and it regulates the body's pH balance. Oxygen plays a crucial role in the fight against disease. It has been proven that diseases such as Cancerthrive in an acid pH, so it is imperative that we oxygenate our bodies and maintain an Alkaline pH if we wish to maintain our health and wellness.
Oxygen in the body is necessary for all vital functions and the elimination of waste products. Oxygen gives our bodies the fighting power to resist pathogens, bacteria and viruses.
It is a proven fact that oxygen deficiency eventually leads to disease or illness of some form. "Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life threatening disease" as quoted by Dr W Spencer Way- who wrote in the Journal of the American Association of Physicians.
There are many factors that cause Oxygen Deficiency. Some of these are : Overcooking our food which kills the enzymes, Breathing carbon monoxide fumes which strips oxygen from the blood, Eating processed foods that have little or no oxygen content and are full of chemicals, Drinking tap water with chemical additives such as flouride, De-forestation, Alcohol and Lack of exercise.
It is a proven fact that diseases such as cancer and AIDS, herpes and hepatitis, cannot tolerate high oxygen cells in the blood stream. This alone is reason enough to make a conscious effort to ensure you are oxygenating the blood. If you feel that factors of your environment could be depleting the oxygen supply to your bloodstream, be sure to take a daily oxygen supplement to help counteract these factors.
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