The Many Wonders of Body Hair Removal

Scalp hair Transplant
The scalp hairs are the most important hairs of the body. They make your appearance look graceful and add beauty to your dressing. The scalp hair transplant follows many types of transplant, but the most common method is the FUE hair transplant. The method is utilized by the dermatologist worldwide because it is simple and makes the hair grow more rapidly. The follicular extraction unit hair transplant is a great way of getting back your scalp hair. The FUE process is a quick healing process and does not cause any visible scars or wounds. After transplantation, it would not seem that you have been through a hair transplant or not.
Body Hair Transplant
The body hairs primarily comprise of the hairs on your chest. There are many ways of making your body hair transplanted. The FUT method was used by the surgeons before the FUE transplantation. In FUT method, the strip of hairs is uprooted from the donor area and is grafted in the recipient area. This method is not much used now because it involves much pain and open wounds. After the completion of the transplantation process, the scars are prominently visible which can impart an awkwardness to your appearance. So the FUE transplantation is practiced everywhere, as it is simple and has many advantages over the ordinary hair transplantation.
Beard Hair Transplant
Beard hairs are the way of increasing your beauty. These add glamour and charm to your face and make you more attractive and voluptuous. The increased blood supply to your face due to the presence of hairs makes your face more glow. Like the head hairs, the beard hair also faces some losses. Sometimes it happens that you start losing your beard hairs.
Like the scalp hair transplant, the beard hairs also involve the bory hair same process of transplantation. People go through a beard hair transplantation and mostly dermatologists and surgeons opt for the FUE method. It is more secure, reliable and long lasting. There are no wounds made during the process and it is a scar free process. It is easier to execute and requires much control and stability of hands. Moreover, the cost of FUE is relatively less. The FUE beard transplant is perhaps the best method to get your beard hair transplanted.
People having a dense beard often also opt for the FUE transplant. Despite having a dense beard they tend to lose the beard hair from inside and it is important that a proper transplantation is done to secure the already present hair and to regrow the hair that has been lost. There are many advantages of FUE transplanting.
Hair Transplant by DR. OZGUR
Many doctors and dermatologist recommend the FUE hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant is much advantageous than the FUT strip method because in this method a strip of hair is uprooted from one part of the body and is transplanted where it is required, the strip method is not recommended because it causes wounds and makes out visible scars.  www.boryhair.com

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