Dispelling Myths On Yoga Jewelry

There are different beliefs that people have regarding their Buddhist malas and it is only in order that we answer a few of your questions.
Spirituality: Traditionally, even though mala beads are not a sacred statute or piece of Holy Replica Cartier Jewelry Scriptures, they are considered to be spiritual and sacred tools. It is believed that it should not be placed on the ground, thrown or have any other objects on top of it or even worn with jewelry. However, you should realize that the mala beads are as spiritual as you want them to be; take the time to educate yourself so you can make informed decisions on what feels right for you. Whatever you decide upon, just remember to learn about the traditional codes and etiquette regarding mala beads and yoga jewelry.
Care of malas: Traditionally, it is considered something of a blasphemy to let your mala beads touch the ground or the floor while other say it should never be taken to the bathroom or even get into contact with your bed. However, take note that there are many yogis who put their malas on their yoga mats while doing their mantra meditations while others place them under their pillows when they sleep so as to infuse it with their energy and intentions. All this will depend on how you feel or what feel right for you but if the mala bead is dropped accidentally and you get troubled in your conscience, pick it up and recite a mantra or cleanse it under the sunlight.
Your mala and other people: In the traditional practice, mala beads are sacred and as such, no one else is allowed to wear, touch or even handle your beads mala; the feeling here is that it is inappropriate to allow anyone else access to this sacred object. However, today most people see mala beads as something unusual especially those who have never seen one before; there are people who are actually drawn to some malas that are quite decorative and may even get tempted to touch it especially when t is worn like jewelry. Once again, you are going to determine how others deal with your mala bead. If they try to touch it and you feel uncomfortable, be at liberty to inform them politely and what's more, that may give you a good opportunity to educate someone on what mala beads are all about.
Mala as jewelry: The traditional view forbids people from wearing mala beads and mala necklace as jewelry but this normally varies from one denomination to another. You may have seen monks wearing mala beads and mala bracelets around their wrists all the time since they are involved in spiritual practice. Mala beads and mala bracelets and other forms of yoga jewelry are now becoming more common and you can easily see people wearing them as a form of jewelry; it all depends on the motivation one has. Van Cleef & Arpels http://www.luxury-jewelry.cn/van-cleef-arpels.html

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