What Do Japanese Women Sound Like In Bed?

A few weeks back, I received, a personal question regarding this blog... or more specifically what do Japanese women sound like in bed...

The letter was from a Japanese-American woman.

She pondered, after viewing a few Japanese pornographic videos just why it is that the Japanese actresses seem to sound as though they are in pain while they are having sex.

She adds that she herself has had a few American male friends who have dated Japanese women, but lacked the 'courage' to ask about this, and wondered if this was something that men are intrigued by. 

Wow. Great question... and only one I can give an opinion to, brother search as opposed to a definite answer.

First off, for the record, I did write back to her right away and provide my opinion... which is what I am going to do now.

So... for those of you who may never have seen a Japanese porn movie - bravo, but these ones bore me. 

I've seen a few, and my writer-friend is correct! The women in these movies all sound like they are in pain while they have sex.

Now... since I was actually lucky enough to have had sex with a few Japanese women before seeing Japanese porn, I had no preconceived notions about sex.

That, by the way, is a big negative about porn. Preconceived notions are erected, as well as impossible, ideals to live up to.

People tend to think that porno movies are merely an extension of real life... and to a certain degree, I will agree with that. But for the most part, the porn and the adult video industry caters to fantasy.

It caters to what it believes the average man or woman wants, and tries to deliver it.

This is where the whole 'itai-itai-iku-iku' thing comes from in Japanese porn. That's my own phrasing in Japanese, but it translates into: 'ow-ow-I'm cumming-I'm cumming'.

Of the 20+ Japanese women I was lucky enough to have slept with in my three years in Japan (not including any AETs or CIRs on the JET (Japan exchange & Teaching) Programme, or tourists), not a single one of them moaned as though they were in pain, but did moan in 'enjoyment' before 'iku-iku-ing'. Well... some of them did... I was still learning.

Ergo... based on an admittedly small sample size (I tried to get a larger sampling - I really did), I 1der4 hypothesize that the average Japanese woman not involved in the porn industry does not moan during sex.

Now... you pundits may laughingly suggest that my bed partners did not moan in pain because I am not hugely endowed. Sure. I'm not Johnny Wad, or Long Dong Silver et al... but in a comparison to what the male actors in these movies have, I'm in the ball park, if not carrying a bigger bat. How do I know? I pressed it up against my TV. Okay, really... it's a visual thing... comparing the club to the hand to the vase beside the bed... you can get a good guess.

So... if I am at around the same size as these actors... and they not super large... why didn't my Japanese women sound like the ones in the videos? Because in real life, they don't.

It's my opinion that the women in porn videos are instructed to act subservient. To act like it hurts because the men watching it who are getting off to this want to believe that they are hugely endowed and when he (the viewer) is fantasizing about doing the actress, he wants to hear that he is hurting her with his penis.

I think the male viewers want to hear the woman being screwed like she's being hurt.

Is this a Japanese male thing, or is this what the Japanese adult video thinking it's what the men want?

Probably a bit of both.

I do think the average Japanese man likes to think he is in charge, whether in the boardroom or the bedroom. There's that feeling of power.

Why that revolves around 'hurting' a woman during sex - I have no idea. A lot of things revolving around sex involve a power struggle. I know plenty of women who love it when they are spanked, and would love to flip it and suddenly take control, become the Dom... to make the man beg and howl for more...

Maybe in Japan, however, because the sexual liberation of women is still in its infancy (my opinion) - women do not come close to equality in the male-dominated Japan - that the male-controlled adult video industry thinks the women should be ultra subservient to the men.

Hell... have you seen these videos? Most of the time it involves a man interfering with a woman (bordering on rape) to have sex with them... in most of the flicks I saw (past tense), the men wanted sex more than the woman and weren't taking 'no' for an answer... and when sex was initiated, itai-itai (ow-ow) would be moaned from the woman at the big strong, virile Japanese man with the huge penis slamming into her.

It's all fantasy. The guy watching the flick is supposed to fantasize that he is the male actor pounding the woman. He wants to believe he is something he isn't, and the actress moans that he is hurting her with his sexual prowess.

I mean... for gosh sakes... how many of the porn videos revolve in a woman dressed up as a high school student (a la the sailor moon school uniform?) - plenty. If you crack open a men's magazine... how many of the women are dressed in their old high school uniform? Most. It's a Lolita complex... and Japanese men utilize it as part of the fantasy (I hope it's only fantasy!). And the same hold true about the moaning in pain during sex in an adult video.

As an aside... my fiance tried to be the typical Japanese subservient woman in our daily life... picking up my clothes, trying to do the dishes, laundry et al... but she was just stopping by my house... I, as a foreigner, appreciated her efforts but did not need her to do this on my behalf.  And I told her so. I could hear the exhale of breath (Whew!), as she, just like me, had a job and sure as hell didn't need to do my laundry (as well as hers at her place). I didn't need to date the maid, though if she wanted to wear fishnets and dress up as the maid, that would be hot. 

That's just my two yen's worth. The Japanese porn industry caters to its own market, just as every other country's adult video market caters to theirs.

So... my female writer-friend... it's my opinion that the Japanese porn industry has the women moan like they are hurting from the sex because that is a turn-on to Japanese men... but, the average Japanese woman does not moan like that, because unless you are hung like a mule, the man isn't hurting anyone for real.

This was a great question. Thank you for taking the time to ask me for my advice, and thank you for reading the blog. brother search: http://www.brothersearch.com/

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