Importance and Beauty of Animals

Animals are such an important part of life. Each one has its own beauty. They add such special qualities to our life. Animals live instinctively and will not harm another species unless they feel threatened or they are hungry. Many studies have been done on animals so humans can learn and understand the animal world. Just like humans, animals are very protective of their own. Animals help humans in various ways. Some animals are used for food and clothing, others are used as workers or pets.
There are so many animals that people keep in their homes as pets. They become very attached to them and treat them as part of the family. In many countries cats and dogs are the pets of choice. A dog can be a great companion and are usually very attached to their yiwu china masters. Dogs require more attention than cats for a number of reasons. Dogs enjoy long walks and they love play time. They cannot be left alone need in a house for lengthy periods of time or they may become lonely or depressed. Cats, on the other hand can stay alone for longer periods of time as long as they have plenty of fresh water and food.
Each country has its own kind of animals. Some animals are raised on farms for meat to eat and milk to drink. In most of the western countries people eat a lot of chicken, beef, lamb and pork. Some cultures and/or religions will not permit certain animals to be killed or eaten.
Then we have wild animals which not only reside in the jungles but also live among human beings. Even in cities you can walk down a street and observe squirrels and various kinds of birds. In the suburbs you will probably see more of a variety of animals. You can see possums, raccoons, squirrels, snakes and skunks and in recent years there are many deer sightings, many times in peoples own back yards. Bears have also been sighted in residential neighborhoods running through streets or climbing trees. We can also spot coyotes and wolfs in suburban areas. They no longer exist only in the rural country places. They usually will not bother humans and try to keep their distance.
In the more tropical climates alligators and crocodiles live freely yiwu fair 2015. Jungles are full of all kinds of beautiful animals. Mountainous areas have a number of amazing animals of their own. In some countries you can see wild horses. In some of the African countries you can see the large mammals such as elephants, and giraffes and llamas.
Some people believe that we should not kill animals for any reason and should live peaceably with them. Whatever you believe, animals are lively, breathing creatures with feelings and deserve to be treated with respect. http://en.yiwufair.com/

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