Core Durable Goods Orders

Durable Goods
Today at 1:30 pm London time the United States Census Bureau will release the Core Durable Goods Orders, Report which is expected to have high impact on the FOREX market.
This report measures the change in the total value of new purchase orders placed with domestic manufacturers for delivery of durable goods, excluding transportation items.
The Core Durable Goods Orders report furthermore, is one of the economic indicators that paint a picture of the U.S. manufacturing sector, which is a vital aspect of the economy. An increase in purchase orders suggest the increase in manufacturing activity that is needed ACFX to meet the higher demand and signal the confidence within the entire economy.
Therefore, the actual value of the indicator that is above the forecasted value usually has a positive effect on the currency. Precisely for these reasons traders care about this figure and examine carefully whether the number deviates significantly from the expected consensus number.
Data is published monthly, around 26 days after the end of the reference month and the next release is scheduled for July 27, 2015.
The value of the index for the previous period was revised upwards to 0.6% while the forecast for this period reaches 0.3%.  http://www.acfx.net/core-durable-goods-orders


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