Adidas F50 Adizero Micoach for Footballers of Today

Adidas F50 Adizero Micoach is without any doubt one of the most advanced cleats on the market today. It is a combination of a chip known as SpeedCell which is housed in the sole of the left boot and can track every inch you have covered on the pitch. The data is fed back on a computer, iPhone or iPad and can be recovered on the platform of Adidas miCoach where you can see stats like number of sprints, top speed, covered distance and many others. Adidas has definitely worked on improving the performance of the F50 while designing a cavity in the sole that sports the chip. This Adidas Outlet give you the opportunity to track your own personal workout data through apply and find those areas where you can improve your game. Right out of the box, there is little to no rubbing felt from the Synthetic Adizero Micoach. All of the hotspots on the feet are provided with more room to maneuver so the comfort is averagely perfect on the latest model of F50 with its ultralight sockerliner. It has exceptional fit at the midfoot looking the foot in place even when you make the most awkward movements giving you with more confidence when playing at high speed. However, the forefoot is quite bulbous with more room for the toes which is great news for players with wide feet but may take some getting used to forAdidas Kinderschoene`n  those average-hoofed footballers. The new Adidas Sprintskin has a lot of flex in the upper of the Adidas F50 Adizero Micoach which gives a soft, effortless to any pressure applied when you touch the ball and there is not an inch in the forefoot which has not been given high friction finish to give you an idea on where the ball is on your foot. The boot has clean lines and sharp angles with the heel counter that looks incredibly futuristic and sleek. Its slick synthetic surface is combined with fresh minimalistic sprint frame. If you are used to the slightly roomier fit and feel of the synthetic on the ball, you will find that there are no any other better boots you can wear than this new addition to the Adizero boots that Adidas offers. Like its previous version, the F50 does all simple things appropriately. They are snug on top of your foot giving you a nice fee when you strike or volley the ball and the lacing is off center which is great to give you larger surface area to slide passes about the pitch. The Adidas F50 adizero miCoach [http://www.mercurialcity2012.com/] will be different things for different people. Surely some would be attracted to the stat-tracking and social features of this latest cleat from Adidas while others will definitely buy it even if the SpeedCell is not one of the beautiful aspects it has. http://www.hardloopschoenenoutlet.nl Adidas Sneakers Dames, Adidas Voetbalschoenen, Adidas Schoenen Dames, Adidas Dames Sneakers, Adidas Sneakers Heren, Adidas Sale, Adidas Store: http://www.hardloopschoenenoutlet.nl/

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