Picking the Right Ray Ban Sunglasses for the Fall and Winter

When it comes to picking out your Ray Ban sunglasses for fall, don't hesitate because people generally associate sun glasses with summer. Although you think beaches and tanning when you pull out sunglasses, people often forget that just because the weather is cooler and cloudier in the fall and winter, doesn't mean our eyes can't get damaged from the sun. Wearing sunglasses all year round ensures our eyes are protected from harmful rays. You just have to know what styles work best for the cooler months!
You should transition from your lighter framed Ray Ban sunglasses to darker frames. That means getting rid of the neon green wayfarer sunglasses and opting for a darker, more subtle color. Browns and blacks are nice, especially a mix of the two with a tortoise shell pattern. If you still love having a little more color in your arsenal, choose a purple or a dark blue. It gives you a little pizazz without looking too bright for the season.
Thicker frames in general tend to look nice as well. The lighter wire frames of Ray Ban Wayfarer aviators work for summer, but a thicker frame in the fall and winter adds to the look we all love for winter, one that goes with chunky sweaters and layers.
Darker lenses also look better in winter. Don't get lenses that are too reflective (as in, your friend can see a mirror image of themselves in them) or too light. Going with a darker shade is going to match the rest of your fall and winter colors perfectly.
For women especially this year, there are a lot of large framed sunglasses popping up. When it comes to Ray Bans, you may want to look into Ray Ban Cats 5000, or something with a similar large and feminine style. These will be the best sunglasses to stay on trend for the season.
For men, pick something that goes great with your suit and doesn't look like you are going to the beach. The Ray Ban Outlet Online Store Clubmaster with a thicker top frame and thinner bottom works well with your work apparel and pea coat.
So do not let people's stigmas of sunglasses in the colder weather get to you. You need to protect your precious eyes all year round and you can certainly do so while still being in style for the season. Ray Ban has a vast enough selection that you can pick up something that will carry you into next spring!

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