Some major features of iPhone 6

IPHONE 6 SHOCKPROOF CASE is a series of smart phone, designed by apple inc . The name of first iPhone was announced on 9th January 2007 by Steve jobs during the MacWorld key note. The work on iphone is started on 2004 which was called as "project purple" and was a fruit of collaboration between Apple and AT&T. The releasing date of first iPhone is 29th June 2007.After that Apple has released new phone every year like iPhone 3G in July 2008, iPhone 3GS in June 2009, iPhone 4 in June 2010, iPhone 4S in October 2011 and iPhone 5 in September 2012.Now Apple think to launch its new phone iPhone 6 ,it may be launched on next year June 2014.while everybody is busy in CDMA iPhone and iPhone 5,the designer already work on a concept design for iPhone 6.The features available in iPhone 6 are-
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IPhone 6 is likely to come with 128 GB of memory-:
The rumors are doing fast round in respect of iPhone 6 with information gather in bits and covered, Which the iPhone 6 fans are except in the sixth generation of iPhone series. As we know that Apple iPhone 5 come with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of memory space, Now Apple working with 64GB and 128GB memory storage capacity in iPhone 6.
IPhone 6 will be a projector phone-:
There is a greater possibility that iphone 6 shall have innovative projector integration facility of Pico projector on iPhone 6 device. Which act as a very handly device with everything ready and carried in the pocket by the owner to project a video presentation to the audience without any requirements.
IPhone 6 come with larger display IPAD 4 CASE as compared to other iphone models-:
As compared to all other iphone series, the iPhone 6 comes with a larger and wide screen. As such iPhone 5 has 4 inch display screen so that we are expecting that iPhone come with 4.5inch or 5 inch screen.
A7 chip may be used in apple IPhone 6-:
As we know iPhone 5 come with A6 chip processor, so in Iphone 6,Apple upgrade their processor to A7 chip with is most fast and quicker.
IPhone 6 to emerge from single block of metal-:
Apple loves to create beautiful things, things that is so beautiful that we hardly imagine and if possible. The best example of creativity of Apple are iPods and iPhones.The iPhone 6 is come with a single piece of metal which will be thinner and lighter from all devices made by other companies.
Swype "chatting" with apple is possible for iPhone 6-:
IPhone user have awaited to the keyboard interface in ios. Apple adopt swipe function in their iphone 6 phone. Now we can type like line drawing pattern way.

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