Outdoor Wireless IP Camera: its different types

Outdoor wireless IP cameras are latest addition in outdoor security arrangement and the specialty of these wireless cameras is the capacity to capture and transmit video recording via an existing IP network. You can install these ultra-cool surveillance cameras for outdoor activity monitoring. Other than transmitting video footage these cameras can perform various tasks like automated alerting, motion detection, video analytics, as well as these security gadgets can be integrated with other security system set ups.
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IP Camera Wireless
Why these are called IP cameras
Being wireless, these cameras are flexible enough regarding their installation. Each camera has its exclusive IP address and as these cameras get synchronized with existing internet, adding them with a computer is not a requirement. Its video images can be observed from remote location as well as from local point of monitoring, etc.
Functionality of IP Camera in general
An IP camera allows you to capture and transmit video footage through an IP network. Using this advanced technology, you can easily watch and save the video images over both local and remote locations. With this viewing and managing of video recording is also hassle free. The camera placement is determined by the availability of the IP network connection. Each camera has an IP address and there is no need to connect the camera to a computer.
Different types of outdoor wireless IP cameras are available in market. These are Fixed IP Cameras, Fixed dome cameras, PTZ Cameras, Network Dome Cameras, etc. Let's check each of the variants from a closer view.
Fixed IP wireless Cameras for outdoor
When you need to monitor and watch at a specific zone, these fixed IP wireless Camerasfor outdoor are mostly installed. These cameras remain visibly placed therefore can be active round the clock. The type of camera has interchangeable lenses and these are mostly placed in the reception, entry point of the housing complexes, entry door of flats to monitor the traffic and visitors for security maintenance.
Outdoor FixedIP wireless Dome Cameras
These are compact type security camera available housed in a typical dome shape, wireless type and used as outdoor security camera compatible for placement anywhere as per plan/requirement. The camera works nonstop at its target place and besides weather resistant, these outdoor wireless IP cameras provide continuous surveillance. These variants are uniquely robust but a bit complicated for uninstallation, hence professional installing service is recommended.
Outdoor FixedIP wirelessPTZ Cameras
These outdoor security cameras are wonderfully flexible. They offer features like tilting, zooming, and pan functions, which is a great solution for monitoring for a wider area. These cameras are available for manual operating as well as on auto controlling mood. These cameras are mostly weather tolerant however, it is better if they are installed under any shade.
Non mechanical PTZ cameras are also available for outdoor IP camera range. These cameras are built with special lens with wide angle and it has the ability to zoom a part of an image by using its optics. But in general, advanced features like zoom, tilt, pan functions are not available in these cameras.
Network Dome Cameras
Network dome cameras are more advantageous than its fixed and PTZ counterparts. These cameras can rotate 360 degrees. These security cameras are found with in-built guard tour function, which enables its movement around a vast area. These cameras can substitute more than one fixed cameras and thus offers a handy, inexpensive, and almost invincible outdoor security arrangement.
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