Ip Cameras, Network Cameras And Web Cameras - Where Is The Difference

What is the difference between IP Camera, Network Camera and Internet Camera? Well the answer is very simple and easy - no difference, then why these CCTV cameras have different names? First to look over all the names of these cameras. Summarize what these names? Each name refers to a device that can be connected to the network using TCP / IP protocol to be used on the Internet.
Axis Communications is a leader in IP network cameras for video surveillance. They use the name Network Camera (network camera) for their IP cameras for video surveillance. The name Network Camera is one of the most common names for these products for video surveillance. Brand name simply describes how the camera works and is connected to a computer network that allows all computers and network devices to monitor the objects taken from the video.
Recently, the name IP Camera (IP Camera) started to be products' names such as IP cameras, as it reflects on the many customers who start looking for the name to IP camera (IP camera) in the commercial suppliers. Some people even mix the two terms IP network camera with a camera and call these cameras for video surveillance - IP Network cameras.
Last name Internet Camera (Internet Camera). This name is primarily used for network cameras for video surveillance of the manufacturer D-Link. They called their cameras Internet video cameras (Internet Camera), because the camera can be configured so that it can be viewed in real time and to review records from the Internet. As you may know this is a major benefit to those widely used for video surveillance cameras. The term web camera is not used as the other two names for network video surveillance cameras, but perhaps this name best describes this niche of the video components.
In conclusion, whether you call those cameras for Internet video cameras, IP cameras, network cameras, or even IP network cameras - you need to know that you are using the correct name. They all describe the purpose of these cameras for video and one of their main advantages that
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