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April 12, 2012 Bhopal – Here is a good news for all party poopers owning an ipad. Hunka Technologies has launched a new ipad application for all party lovers. Wine Board is an iPad application that serves as a complete guide for wine, food and cheese pairings. WineBoard is an app that helps people find the perfect wine, cheese and food pairings.
WineBoard App provides 130 varieties of wine, over 2000 food and cheese pairings. This ipad app also provides the perfect wine serving temperatures which are provided by Nuvo Vino.
WineBoard ipad application provides a large and elegant screen displaying wines, food and cheese pairings. The app is pretty functional. If a wine is selected by the user, it shows the food and the cheese pairings that would complement with that wine. The user can also have wine and cheese pairings
 The app is very simple to use. When the user selects a food option, corresponding list of wines that would go with that food option would be listed. The wine notes would be provided for the selected wine. Also, other food options that complement food and wine pairings would also be displayed.
The WineBoard ipad app provides a list of wines and the user can select a wine from that option. The wines can be filtered depending on the category, whether the wine is a red or a white wine. WineBoard provides you the food options and cheese pairings that would complement that wine. Also, the wine notes are provided giving a brief description of the selected wine type.
“We have been into ipad application development for over a decade, we wanted to give a unique OTTERBOX IPAD 3 CASE app for the wine loving community. The WineBoard app allows you to select a cheese of your type. The WineBoard app will filter the list and would provide the list of wines that would complement the cheese the user has selected. The WineBoard app would also provide the description of wine and other cheese pairings that would complement that wine,” says Akshay Hunka, CEO Hunka Technologies.
There is a provision for search on every screen. The app also provides the serving temperatures of different wines provided by Nuvo Vino. It also provides the general guidelines for storing different styles of wines in degree Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Pricing and Compatibility
The WineBoard app is priced at $2.99 and is compatible with iPad. It requires an iOS 3.2 or later version.
WineBoard occupies only 1.3 Mb of the iPad’s memory.
The WineBoard app can be downloaded from the link-
About Hunka Technologies
Hunka Technologies is an iPhone and android mobile application company. Highly trained on Cocoa framework, the team at Hunka Technologies loves to compete in iPhone app development and ipad application development arena. The iphone game makers at Hunka Technologies have developed mind-boggling iphone games on puzzles and other iphone/ipad games that provide a very rich user -experience
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