Pinlo iPad Air Leather Case

The iPad Air is the latest generation of tablet from Apple. With the latest style of design that biased towards mini, the iPad is unbelievably thin and light. Based on Unibody design of aluminum metal, the device is with a width of just 7.5mm.
The dimension of the ipad 4 case is a quarter smaller than the previous generation iPad. The weight is less than 500g. The hardness of the body is also amazing. With the flamboyant display of Retina, the image quality is brilliant. Thanks to the newest A7 processor and +M7 processor, the operation becomes amazingly fluency.
Such a gadget deserves a better treatment for protecting and decoration isn't it? It's necessary especially for those users of reckless. Accidently dropping or bumping may result in the unimaginable consequences.
Ever since the iPad Air released, one of the famous mobile accessories supplier Pinlo released a tailor-made genuine leather case for  ipad mini case. The surface layer of the leather is first class cowhide, which is not too hard or soft. It's luxurious and really comfortable. The inner layer of the case is covered with first class micro carbon fiber, which can highly protect the display screen from scratching.
The design of the Pinlo iPad Air genuine leather case is adapt to the light and thin design of  ipad 4 case . The genuine leather case is super thin, which makes the total width of the device and case to just 1.5 cm. It never makes the iPad Air bulky at all.
The case has the feature of intelligent sleep/wake. Based on the Magnetic Induction theory, once the case is closed, the device will automatically turn to sleep mode. Once the case is open, the device will automatically turn to wake mode. Quite convenient!
Additionally, the support is also creative. There are 2 replaceable supports with the angle of 30 degrees and 60 degrees. Such design fits both watching TV/movie, and playing games. You can always enjoy the iPad Air with the most comfortable posture. What's more, there is another incredible new design: the elastic handhold bandage. It makes the hand fasten the device better, also makes it hard to drop from hand.
Besides the Pinlo iPad Air case, there are many other mobile accessories to choose from, such as the custom stickers. The custom stickers are a layer of adhesive thin films, which can be printed and laminated to become unique and then applied on the surface of the electronic devices such as the iPad and various mobile phones. For more information please visit:

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