It is reported that IPAD 4 CASE is actually a continuation

For some high-end product design, choose a suitable chassis is a thing can not be taken lightly, most of the players at the time of purchase of the chassis larger size will give priority to those games chassis, this is not just because the game box to see up more COOL, as well as gaming chassis can be compatible with a larger number of motherboards, graphics cards longer, and you can go into more sturdy cooling systems. But for the average home user, HTPC gamers, too high-end hardware configuration but not the most important, the most important but is this PC can better melt into their living room, den and bedroom environment IPAD 5 CASE , small , beautiful, stylish PC is their first choice! Latest tri-band computer is overclocked three renowned design team Yonhap ID designer to build out blockbuster products, the entire chassis with a borderless design. It is reported that IPAD 4 CASE is actually a continuation of the chassis childhood, childhood chassis simple, stylish features at IPAD 4 CASE been well above the sublimation, with a smaller volume, more lovely shape. In addition to overclocking three designers also gives the chassis more DIY elements in it. Here we look at as we resolve the main features of a full range of IPAD 4 CASE chassis! IPAD 4 CASE size of 280MM (long) 210MM (W) 285MM (high), placed on the desktop will not take up too much space, while the chassis using white and green color combination has a very nice little fresh visual sense. Front of the chassis is made of ABS plastic, paint technology texture design, the feel is very smooth and comfortable, but also very stylish visual, but also accompanied by minimalist taste. The top and side panels are 0.5MM steel, bright steel surface after surface paint treatment, as side openings are green iron net. And such a petite size is compatible with the common market, the chassis was able to M-ATX / Mini-ITX motherboard and support for small and medium up to 240MM game graphics.

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