IPad App Development Apple iPad Mini from the developer’s point of view

Till date, the size of the all the iPads were same. However, by introducing all new iPad Mini, Apple has entirely changed the perception of the developers for the iPad. This amazing device is in between the latest iPhone and the regular iPad devices that we have been used for many years. Of course, this new iPad Mini is more powerful device and provide ample access to the app store. But, is it really beneficial for the iPad app developers too?

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Well, working with the 7.9-inch in iPad app development is quite awkward feeling for the developers. How developing iPad Mini apps could be beneficial for the developers? How this new “Avatar” of the iPad will affect the iPad app development? Is it a boon or bane for the developers? Let’s have a look at all these issues in more detail.
1) Designing apps for the size that relies between the iPhone and regular iPads
Most of the experienced iPad app developers have welcomed the challenge of creating the apps for this tiny device. However, some of the developers firmly believe that apps designed to work on the larger screen of the iPad may not work properly on the small screen of the iPad Mini. Apps having multiple UI elements and requires lots of processing on every page may fail to perform well on the small screen in terms of the clarity.
2) Small Screen Factor
The small screen factor of the ipad 4 case has received a bow from the end users as well as from the developers. The portability of this device has been widely appreciated by developers. However, the developers who are getting difficulty with the different form factor of the iPhone 5, may find it a little bit more challenging for scaling down the various UI elements within the app to make them look appropriate for the new device.
3) Aspect Ratio
The aspect ratio in the KIDS IPAD 4 CASE  is the biggest advantage for the developers as it uses the same aspect ratio as the regular iPad. It will help developers to get in touch with the maximum number of users.
4)Small touch screen areas
As the size of the iPad Mini is very small compared to the real iPads, it is the general belief of the developers that this will automatically minimize the touchable areas within the apps. A few UI elements and buttons will be too small to stand within the app. Most of the developers are aware about this fact and thus, they will have to design their apps keeping in mind this factor during their KIDS IPAD 4 CASE development.
Final Words…
There is no doubt that all the existing iPad apps are working smoothly on the iPad Mini device, but still there are certain apps that may require some kind of modifications to work perfectly on this amazing tiny device from the Apple.
However, developers getting into the iPad app development believes that it would be a great help if Apple release a set of developer tools to help them scaling down the apps to work smoothly on different Apple devices. At the end of discussion, it is clear that iPad mini provides a great opportunity for the developers to showcase their skills and creativity.

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