Ghost Blows ipad air case
In our archaeological circles, of course, is the most popular topic of Qin Mausoleum, and in college we often discuss this mound in the end there will be what kind of secret, before the dominance of the old millennium, how will allow their bodies had been pressed Hill forward, it can not be brought to light? Sure, there is the mausoleum entrance!
After all night long talk, we finalized the plan, intended to act immediately as soon as the news spread before. The last five years have to go back under the tomb, the young and fit and we paid the price for their arrogance, our roommate hadron lost their lives in that bucket down, and since then, we no longer mention Tomb, also no longer move. Busy all the time at home these past few years I think back to the tomb again, this time we must uncover this mystery, ipad 4 case even if there is another big risk. Because this place turned out to be just below the accident in the last tomb! We must be really tall tombs, tombs and then open the secret door between the Qin Mausoleum.
The next night, the clouds in the wind and the shape is very strange, and I Choji way without words, because we know that this action, success will become famous, they failed beyond redemption ...
"There is smoke it?"
"Give, pumping advanced a little, afraid of the future may have no chance."
"You really big mouth when not forgive ah, maybe it is because you Hadron ..."
We both fell into silence.
Soon the car to the destination, we get off to bring tools, gloves and masks, and marked the ramp toward marching. There may be the last experience, we enter very smoothly, climb narrow path, into the tomb. Or that coffin in front, when the hadron is touched this coffin poisoning killed. We started looking separately trapdoor, clove looking southeast wall and Muding, I am looking for the tomb of the Northwest and bottom.
"Hiss, strangely, where walls are solid, not like there are authorities or secret door ah? Choji, your information is reliable?"
"Nonsense, of course, reliable, we did not find there was a coffin, or open to try?"
"OK, bring gloves, I counted three times, lift together."
"A ... Second ... Third ... lift."
Coffin was opened, we carefully IPAD 4 CASE, and she has a secret door! We returned to the body, talk a bit and decided to go together. But before we go on, clove come up with Tenda router A thumb in his family to buy a digital tribe, I also took out a portable power source, we come before the wifi name changed: we are trapped in longitude XX, XX latitude the tomb, please see the person to notify the rescue!
We know that Tenda router radiation range is large enough, the family must be able to receive rub network. By the time rescue personnel, regardless of whether we were successful, increasing the probability of survival at least ~
Set up, we go ......

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