Funan Te and one hundred Foley ipad 4 case

Funan Te and one hundred Foley ipad 4 case.
I just entered the community, full of ambition, the one who wanted to do big business, the way through the ups and downs have eaten anything bitter, sent a flyer, posted a small ad, worked as network management, but also the site had been custodian, now finally ready to do the little money she saved the cause, my people do, is believe in fate, fortune teller said I was the water of life, after Goldwater in the industry to engage in the industry, thought stem what is good, right , and opened a laundry bar, low cost, better to do, a washing machine, a sign that a person is enough, Oh, my confidence, and quickly start to spend time to shop, apply for business licenses, but technically I think it should not problem, there is a washing machine usually I often wash clothes, hand wash, machine wash, I know all that, properly, and everything is ready, ipad 4 case.
Yes, the business also, because next to open the shop next to the school, students are often beside the school to send over to wash their clothes, but also to earn tens of thousands of dollars a year or less, live gratefully.
But I found one of my friends also opened laundries, I asked about how much money he annually ah? He said 20 to Wan bar. 20 to Wan? Possible, wash clothes in my shop only one to two, expensive jacket just 10 dollars, so doing, he has to wash many pieces to make so much money, I certainly do not believe ah, so he the shop inside to see a bit, I went to this laundry price list, the most expensive piece of clothing should be washed more than 10 dollars, I asked him, do you want such a high price, people can come to you to do the laundry? He Xiaohe said, I will let you see the day water, oh, then look at it, not to mention really, really it was over, and I found that most of the clothes are not just wash a more than 10 dollars, there the better a few hundred, I went so doing, a year or really earn a lot, he told me, the laundry is not really so simple, is not just washing, as well as dry cleaning, if you how to wash clothes upscale deal with technical issues, so some of the following questions. And your visibility problem, because high-end clothes are washed, if you do not have visibility in the industry, no one would dare to come to your store to the laundry, so we have to compare the name to join a chain, with the help of their reputation, which attract tourists, and these stores can also teach you techniques, now present my friend to know there are more well-known laundry Fornet and one hundred Foley, both the initial fee a bit expensive relative IPAD 4CASE , while the price is moderate hundred Foley, from the perspective, Fornet historic hundred Foley is to be on-line mall intend innovative online laundry, my friend chose between these two hundred Foley, because he felt today's society is gradually moving towards the Internet age, is to be replaced, although the network is not completely, but at least will take up a large part of the market, so it was decided the online shopping mall can have a place in the future, so he chose hundred Foley.
Open laundries, must pay attention to choose the right patron, joined the company must have a prospect, the values ​​may be different for each person, so I chose a different franchisee, life is like in gambling, bet on the treasure, you'll win.

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