iPad Cases than Can Survive Young Kids

Lately I have done a couple reviews on KIDS IPAD CASE apps for kids and feed back I have been getting across various social media outlets has been awesome! I love to see all the interaction and questions! One of the most common reoccurring questions I have been getting has been about how to protect your iPad from damage and how to control what your kids have access to. It might take me a bit to get everything covered, but over the next couple weeks I do plan on answering these questions.

iPad Cases for Kids
iPad Cases for Kids

Full Disclosure: If you would like to purchase any of these iPad Cases for Kids please use the links provided. The cost is the same to you, but Parenting Chaos gets a small percentage allowing us to keep this blog maintained. The items listed in this guide were chosen by me and the opinions expressed are 100% my own. You can read my disclosure policy here. Thanks for your on going support!

We got our first KIDS IPAD CASE for Livia when she was almost 3 years old. While that is very young to be getting a child their own iPad we had our reasons. At the time Livia had maybe 25 words, had just started her early childhood autism program, and had limited therapy options. Six months later we moved to an even smaller town. The only thing really there was a gas station and school – I drove 4 hours round trip twice a week just so she could get therapy and fought for a year in attempts to get her into public school (which was never successful and the reason for our third move). So for us, having an iPad that I could work on her with was a major blessing.

In the four years that we have had an iPad in our home, I have had to have the screen repaired twice. A cracked iPad screen is going to cost you at minimum $100…if you are lucky. I know when I shopped around for cases the prices on some of these made me do a double take and think seriously? for a piece of plastic..The thing is, they work. Both times our iPad has broken have been because I took it out of the case to clean the case.

Even if your iPad is not for your child, I can guarantee you that at one point or another your child will get their hands on it. And lets face it, young kids can be destructive. Not intentionally… Young kids are learning how to control their motor abilities and their emotions. Any iPad that is shared with a young child is bound to be dropped or find itself in the middle of a temper tantrum eventually.

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