Apple is Landing with novel iPad and iPad mini during March

Apple is planning of launching big ipad and the ipad mini till the month of March moreover is coming out with few exciting features. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L8MU658 The arrival of the New Year has marked the beginning of the launch of the Apple handsets. According to the sources Apple is planning of launching novel ipad and ipad mini in the month of March. The day Google Nexus 7 would go to exit the tablet market and immediately after that Apple would be entering the market. During the CES it was discussed from the company side about the arrival two ipads one big and the other small moreover would be launched when the popularity of the existing models would be minimized. Apart from the releasing dates of the gadgets the company has kept few surprises in the novel tablets. It is expected that the iPad would be thinner and lighter whereas the ipad mini seems to be same however there is an improvement in the specs. In the ipad mini version there is a high-resolution retina display which was absent in the existing model. Apple would never go to wait for one year for exposing the novel ipad. The existing full sized iPad and ipad mini both were exposed together in the month of November that is immediately behind the arrival of the last generation devices in March. Similarly the initial IPAD 3 CASE was launched during springs 2010 which was subsequently followed by the ipad 2 just after a year. Apple iPhone 5 Deals top seller hanset year of 2012. Apple would have speed up the things moreover is coming out very soon with the novel ipads to fight with the popular Google Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 is a 7 inches tablet and it range starts from only £160. Till now in the market ipad is the only tablet that can be sold in any number whereas the Nexus 7 is supporting Android scratch reverse some ground. The Apple initial ipad was the tablet computer along with the gadget X-factor. The gadget would not go to substitute your laptop but would be useful for web addictions, technophobes and the iphone admirers so overall it's a nice gadget. The Apple ipad tablet computer is not actually an iphone moreover is not a Mac. You can have fun with the ipad by surfing over the web, looking at the photographs or videos, playing games or checking emails. Let's see what Apple has planned for these novel ipads so it can compete successfully with the Nexus 7.

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