6 Great iPad Cases For Kids, Because Drops Are Inevitable

These 6 Great iPad Cases for Kids With Autism are the perfect way to justify putting a piece of technology worth hundreds of dollars into the hands of a child.  I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you, but as a reminder: iPads and other electronic devices can easily be dropped by anyone … accidents do happen!  So, for most parents of children with special needs, these KIDS IPAD CASE are a must.

The iPad and all of the apps featured here on Autism Plugged In won’t do your child any good if the device gets broken from an accidental drop.

Check out these protective cases, and then pick one – you’ll be glad you did.

The Griffin Survivor iPad 2 Case is perfect for kids with on the spectrum because it turns your iPad into an indestructible piece of machinery.  The company recently did a PR stunt where they started playing a movie on an iPad, dropped it from space, and showed that the iPad still worked after the fall.  That’s pretty impressive.  (Unless you understand the concept of terminal velocity, which makes it less impressive.) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L8MU658

The point is, you won’t have to worry about your iPad breaking with this baby covering your device.  Griffin Survivor iPad Case is available at eBay.

Details from Griffin:

Survivor is built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock absorbing silicone. A built-in screen protector seals your Multi-Touch display from the outside environment, while hinged plugs seal the dock connector, camera lens, headphone port, hold switch and volume controls. The included stand clips on, then folds open for landscape viewing and typing.

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