Summer is supposed to be fun

Summer is supposed to be fun.

^ When you look at this picture really fast, it looks like Gisele’s breasts. Then you realize it's a really feminine looking  guy next to her with big man boobs.

I actually have less to update about over the summer than I did during the school year. That is weird. I bought a shipload of movies. Yesterday I bought four and then a few days ago I bought a few more. Plus, I’m also renting too. Although I go through movies quite fast (3/day) that’s still a lot for me. I sincerely look forward to watching every eye blinking moment and savoring every Hollywood still.

After years of being a mom, Sophie Marceau has finally stepped back into Hollywood. Here she is at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Click the link to watch her embarrassing nip slip. Damn, those poparazzi are quick when something like that happens. As soon as the boob is exposed, you see hella flashes even though she recovers from it rather quickly too. Aww man Sophie what a way to make a come back. There is nudity so beware.


So recently, I saw the movie DRAGON: The Bruce Lee Story. Wow. It's a really motivating movie for you get get your lazy butt off the chair and makesomething of yourself. I never knew Bruce Lee was a philosopher type person. I just thought he was a movie star. It just goes to show you that you can never underestimate anyone huh? The actors who protrayed the real people (Bruce and his wife mainly) did a really impressive job. I thought that they were very true to the real Bruce and wife. Definitely a tear jerker/ Drama/ action movie. I'd say one a family together would denitely enjoy. I'd give it an A.

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