Time stands still for no one: Edward Norton looks distinctly ragged around the edges as he attends charity event

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Guess dating Courtney Love for three years will do that to you...
He is a Hollywood movie star with every anti-ageing potion under the sun at his disposal.
But at 41-years-old, it looks like Edward Norton is failing to halt the onset of middle age. 
Aged: Edward Norton looked distinctly older as he arrived at the Tomorrow is Tonight Benefit in New York City last night
Aged: Edward Norton looked distinctly older as he arrived at the Tomorrow is Tonight Benefit in New York City last night 
The actor was looking distinctly older and heavier around the face as he attended a Tomorrow is Tonight charity benefit last night in New York City.
The star stepped out at the benefit - to raise money for ALS, a form of motor neuron disease - clad in casual jeans, black puffed jacket and grey T-shirt.
And his appearance seemed a far cry from his more das
hing movie star looks in films such as Fight Club.
Norton has been a fixture on the Hollywood scene since his breakthrough role in Primal Fear in 1994.
The actor has dated a slew of leading ladies including Salma Hayek for four years and the crazed Courtney Love for three years.
Love and Norton met on the set of their movie People Vs Larry Flynt and she has credited him for saving her life. She also claims he was 'the love of my life'.
Back in the day:  Norton was a fresh faced cutie when he attended the October 1999 premiere of Fight Club with co-star Brad Pitt in Los Angeles
The star can currently be seen in prison garb alongside Robert De Niro in Stone, a dark new movie  in which he plays a convicted arsonist to De Niro's prison officer. 
'A lot of people will come in and say, "Is he intimidating?’' Norton has said of working with the legendary actor. 
'It’s just not that way. That’s people projecting a view they have of him based on his work, which is sort of bizarre if you think about it.
'Obviously, he’s been an actor for 40 years. 
'He’s not a mafia thug. He’s a deeply serious actor, and he’s really not an intimidating guy. He’s very sober and very serious.'


But Norton, who is dating Canadian film producer Shauna Robertson, is looking forward to spending more time behind the camera in the future.
'Brad Pitt and I are producing HBO’s next big miniseries called Undaunted Courage, about the Lewis and Clark expeditions,' he told website AskMen, 
However, he is unsure if he will star in the project - about the 18th century explorer Meriwether Lewis.
'We haven’t made any decisions about that yet. We’re working very hard on the script and producing it.'


This article is reprinted.  
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