Dear Kristen Stewart – You Are An Idiot

robert pattinson attends the nyc premiere of cosmopolis

Looking good really is the best revenge isn’t it?  Robert Pattinson made his first public appearance last night since the cheating scandal heard around the world. First he taped an interview with Jon Stewart that aired last night on The Daily Show, then he walked the red carpet for the NYC premiere of his movieCosmopolis.  And he looked good, no? I mean, he looked really good. Like he took extra care to make sure his stubble was shaved just so, and that his hair was perfectly coiffed.  Because the best revenge is looking this good.  How much do you think Kristen Stewart was kicking herself last night as she watched Robertlaugh and be lighthearted with Jon Stewart?  God girls are so dumb when they’re young.
Did you watch Jon Stewart last night? I was exhausted and I wanted to read my book but I made a point of watching.  He was much more at ease than I thought he would be.  In fact I would say that Jon Stewart was more nervous than Rob.  It seemed he really didn’t know how to approach the elephant in the room but knew that he had to make some mention of the cheating scandal that has dominated magazine covers and blogs for the past few weeks.   So Jon brought out the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while in his best ‘girl talk-ease’ told Rob that  ’boy you are better off kick her to the curb.’  I guess we know where Jon stands on the subject of reconciliation. It was actually kind of hilarious.
Jon did his best to bring the subject of Kristen cheating on Rob up without trying to make it uncomfortable, but he did keep bringing it up in a sly and funny sort of way.  To his credit Rob played the entire situation with charm and a sense of humour and Stewart (Jon) managed to keep his comments respectable before segueing in to talk of Rob’s film Cosmopolis.  Which I really want to see not because of Pattinson but because I really really love David Cronenberg.
Here’s Rob looking all sorts of hot at the NYC premiere last night at The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.  I am a fan of everything except for the suit.  Don’t like the colour or the fabric.  I think I’m a black suit snob because I have a hard time liking any suit that isn’t black. Or charcoal.  But he looks soooo good, no?  Kristen Stewart you are an idiot.

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